(of Earth-11437)

Membership: Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner), Psylocke (Betsy Braddock), Storm (Ororo Munroe)

Purpose: To defend against evil mutants and teach mutants how to use their powers

Aliases: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed, Mobile throughout Earth-11437

First Appearance: All-New X-Men I#25 (June, 2014)

History: (All-New X-Men I#25 (fb) - BTS) - An unrevealed brave deed turned the X-Men into a team that was appreciated worldwide, eliminating all hatred of mutants. With their struggles behind them, the X-Men found themselves free to pursue goals other than fighting for tolerance and survival.

(All-New X-Men I#25) - No longer needing to use their powers to fight, the team instead used them to reach for the stars, becoming space explorers.

(All-New X-Men I#25 - BTS) - Reality-11437 was briefly glimpsed by Earth-616's Beast (Hank McCoy) when the Watcher showed him various possible futures of the X-Men.

Comments: Created by Brian Michael Bendis and J. Scott Campbell.

Profile by Copeinator123.

Earth-11437's X-Men have no known connections to:

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All-New X-Men I#25, p18, pan1 (X-Men, main image)

All-New X-Men I#25 (June, 2014) - Brian Michael Bendis (writer), J. Scott Campbell (art), Nick Lowe (editor)

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