Official Name: Arad Nebula

LocationAlternate reality (Reality-634962) in an unspecified galaxy

Nature: A nebula with thousand of inhabited planets

Nativesunidentified blue aliens, unidentified gray aliens, thousands of other unidentified races

Population: Indeterminable (probably billions)

Languages: Unrevealed

Places of Interest: Two unidentified worlds inhabited by blue and gray aliens

Visitors: Watchers

First Appearance: Silver Surfer cartoon episode - "Learning Curve: Part 2" (March 14, 1998)

(Silver Surfer cartoon episode - "Learning Curve: Part 2" (fb) ) - The Arad Nebula was home to thousands of populated worlds. The inhabitants enjoyed ample sources of food.

   An intergalactic plague struck the nebula, destroying the food supplies. The inhabitants became despondent.

   The Watchers, an outside race dedicated solely to the gathering of all knowledge in the universe, learned of this crisis. Although they normally adhered to a strict code of non-interference, they were moved by the plight and one of their members, Uatu, convinced the others to intervene.

   Utilizing all the biological knowledge they had amassed, the Watchers worked tirelessly and created a cure. Fleets of ships were deployed to spray their invention from the skies onto the stricken worlds. The food supplies were replenished, and incalculable lives were saved.

   But despite all the rejoicing, the Watchers would pay a terrible price. They had not sufficiently stabilized the genetic material that formed the basis of the cure, and it created a new illness which mutated the Watchers into bizarre globby "Virals". Only Uatu proved immune to the infection. Now the sole surviving Watcher, he was filled with shame knowing it was his initial call to action that led to the decimation of his people. The Universal Library, the Watchers' home planet where they stored their vast repository of knowledge, fell into ruin.

(Silver Surfer cartoon episode - "Learning Curve: Part 2") - Much later a group of individuals, including the Silver Surfer, Mentor, and Nebula, undertook an arduous journey to the Universal Library in hopes of gaining knowledge that could aid each of them in attaining their respective goals. Upon their arrival they were shocked to see the decrepit state the fabled library had fallen into. They attempted to access the library's index but were instead shown a recording which retold the tragic events of the Arad Nebula plague and warned the visitors of their own impeding doom. Sure enough, some of the visitors themselves began to devolve into Virals. Only the Silver Surfer and two others managed to escape this grim fate, while the rest were absorbed into the Viral collective.

Comments: Created by Larry Brody, AKOM Production Co. (see Appearances list for full list of artists).

The Arad Nebula and its inhabitants have no known counterpart in Reality-616.

The Arad Nebula is presumably named after Avi Arad, one of the series' executive producers.

Profile by Zuckyd1.

The Arad Nebula has no known connections to:

blue aliens

A semi-humanoid race who lived on a planet with a yellow sky. They had blue skin and oblong heads. They harvested round orange plants (resembling pumpkins) which they gathered up in satchels and baskets. During the plague the plants dried up and crumbled to dust.

--Silver Surfer cartoon episode - "Learning Curve: Part 2"

gray aliens

A semi-humanoid race who lived on a planet with a green sky. They had gray skin and four arms. They subsisted on seafood which they would fish for in wooden sailboats. During the plague all they were able to find were dead sea creatures.

--Silver Surfer cartoon episode - "Learning Curve: Part 2"

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Silver Surfer cartoon episode - "Learning Curve: Part 2" (main image)
Silver Surfer cartoon episode - "Learning Curve: Part 2" (discovering the cure)
Silver Surfer cartoon episode - "Learning Curve: Part 2" (distributing the cure)
Silver Surfer cartoon episode - "Learning Curve: Part 2" (blue aliens)
Silver Surfer cartoon episode - "Learning Curve: Part 2" (gray aliens

Silver Surfer cartoon episode - "Learning Curve: Part 2" (March 14, 1998) - Larry Brody (writer), Avi Arad, Stan Lee, Eric S. Rollman (executive producers), Larry Brody (developed for television by), Dale Hendrickson (computer animation producer), Roy Allen Smith (producer & director), AKOM Production Co. (animation studio)

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