Membership: Kickback (Richard Yurocko), Nitro (Robert Hunter), Tombstone (Lonnie Lincoln)

Purpose: To act as mercenaries for Hardcore

Aliases: "You people" (name called by a security guard)

Affiliations: Hardcore

Enemies: Luke Cage, Analisa Marisol Soto Medina, Dakota North, Punisher (Frank Castle), Teague

Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

First Appearance: Cage I#2 (May, 1992)

History: (Cage I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Choosing criminals to act as his mercenary Untouchables, Hardcore chose the explosive Nitro for his ability to cause damage, Tombstone for his ability to coordinate Nitro's power and the time-jumping Kickback to protect Hardcore's mission objectives.

(Cage I#2) - The Untouchables visited the Chicago Spectator newspaper offices that employed Luke Cage, claiming to want to see Dakota North. Suspicious, the security guard asked if they could look into the security cameras while he phoned to see if Dakota North was available. Once the cameras had identified the Untouchables as escaped convicts Tombstone and Nitro (though proving to ID the relatively recent criminal Kickback), the security guard alerted the police to the criminals' presence and pulled a gun on them, warning them to stay calm. Tombstone instead pulled a shotgun on the guard, claiming that he had screwed up their morning, then blasted the guard at point blank range, telling the other Untouchables to smile for the cameras. Tombstone then ordered Kickback to make them an exit while Nitro left a message behind for Dakota North. As Tombstone and Kickback escaped the building, Nitro exploded.

(Cage I#3) - The Untouchables trained with their employer, Hardcore commended the Untouchables' training and how it had honed the abilities of both Nitro and Kickback while also suggested they needed to work on being a more effective strike team. Uninspired by Hardcore's pep talk, Tombstone reminded Hardcore that he was tired of waiting and wished to go ahead and kill Dakota North so that he could end his association with the other "losers." Annoyed at being called a loser, Nitro blasted Tombstone into a wall, prompting Tombstone to fight back. Realizing Nitro was about to explode, Hardcore ordered Kickback to time jump them one minute into the future, where Hardcore ended Nitro and Tombstone's fight and announced that they would strike against North later that week. He then ordered the Untouchables to have Dakota North in his hands that evening. Later that evening, the Untouchables busted into Dakota North's offices and her assistant Teague was forced to summon Dakota North and her ally Luke Cage into a trap. Shortly after, Luke Cage burst into the North Investigations offices and into battle with the Untouchables. As Cage fought both Tombstone and Nitro, Kickback jumped back in time three minutes to locate North and when he returned, he found Nitro about to explode. Jumping ahead one minute to avoid Nitro's blast, Kickback found Dakota North amongst the crowd fleeing the scene, unaware the Punisher was also watching the battle. Kickback then returned to the fight himself, kicking Cage in the head before Tombstone and Cage moved the battle outside. Seeing the Punisher's van, Tombstone tried to identify the Punisher as the Untouchables' employer and Cage slammed Tombstone into the van before he realized it was the Punisher himself. As Nitro began accusing Kickback of being on the side of Tombstone, whom he felt was laughing at him, Cage was told by Tombstone how unstable Nitro was. Warned that Cage could either rescue Dakota North or try to beat more answers out of him, Tombstone convinced Cage to leave to rescue North while the Punisher dealt with Tombstone.

(Cage I#4) - As Cage dealt with a confused Punisher, who thought Cage was working with Tombstone, Nitro was hit by the Punisher's gunfire, prompting Kickback to jump forward in time to avoid Nitro's subsequent explosive blast. Thinking the Punisher dead after Nitro's blast, Cage rushed at the remaining two Untouchables but Kickback kicked Cage into a wall then jumped three minutes into the past, where he kicked Punisher to the ground and allowed the superhumanly durable Cage to take the brunt of Nitro's blast in an effort to make their mission less unprofessionally messy. The blast buried Cage and Punisher underneath a half ton of rubble as the Untouchables escaped with Dakota North. When the unconscious Dakota began to awake, Tombstone warned Nitro to go easy on the chloroform but Nitro suggested they could have fun with North while she was out. Kickback warned Nitro to stay away from North as Tombstone noticed Cage catching up to them on a motorcycle. Blowing out the back of their getaway van in an effort to hit Cage, whose motorcycle tires were blown out, the unbalanced Nitro was kicked out of the van by Kickback, who asked Tombstone if it was a problem that he just increased their profits by losing Nitro. Leaving Cage to battle Nitro, the remaining two Untouchables returned to Hardcore, who claimed he had another mission for them. Tombstone instead demanded his payment and exclaimed that he had other business to attend to. Hardcore offered to double their payment but Tombstone still opted to leave, warning Hardcore not to underestimate Cage. An awakened Dakota North soon escaped the van but Hardcore stopped her at a distance with a bola. Ordering Kickback to retrieve North, Hardcore announced more long term plans for North but Kickback, having grown fond of North himself, announced that Hardcore could keep his money and refused to give North up. He then jumped back three minutes with North and escaped while Tombstone and Hardcore had their earlier conversation about Tombstone leaving. Unfortunately, Hardcore's maintenance devices shot Kickback with tranquilizers, nullifying his powers and freezing up his muscles until Hardcore arrived and announced that he had anticipated Kickback's betrayal. Explaining how he had hired Kickback to protect North until he could get information from her, Hardcore offered to let Kickback have her with double his mission pay if he could wait until Hardcore received his information from North first. When Punisher and Cage arrived at Hardcore's headquarters, having tracked the Untouchables' van there, Hardcore ordered Kickback to keep them busy for twenty minutes in exchange for getting Dakota North afterwards. Kickback did as he was told until he and the heroes heard a gunshot from Hardcore's building. Insisting that he had to protect North, Kickback time-jumped forward but Cage and Punisher dove with him, arriving inside Hardcore's building to find North wielding the gun herself. Announcing that it was her turn to show her appreciation for the Untouchables' killing of her men, North shot at Kickback, who was protected by Cage's bulletproof skin. Shocked that North would shoot at him despite all he had done for her, Kickback ran outside and was gunned down by the Punisher.

Comments: Created by Marcus McLaurin, Dwayne Turner and Chris Ivy.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Untouchables have no known connections to

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Cage I#3, p8-9, pan2 (Untouchables training with Hardcore, main image)
Cage I#3, p15, pan5 (Untouchables battling Cage)

Cage I#2 (May, 1992) - Marcus McLaurin (writer), Dwayne Turner (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Kelly Corvese (editor)
Cage I#3 (June, 1992) - Marcus McLaurin (writer), Dwayne Turner (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Kelly Corvese (editor)
Cage I#4 (July, 1992) - Marcus McLaurin (writer), Dwayne Turner (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Kelly Corvese (editor)

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