Membership: Neurotap (Michelle Balters), Rictor (Julio Richter), Shatterstar (Gaveedra-Seven)

Purpose: To protect mutants and other wrongfully abused

Aliases: None

Affiliations: X-Force (Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Danielle Moonstar, Warpath/James Proudstar)

Enemies: Verschlagen Industries (Herr Frocht, Hanna Verschlagen, others)

Base of Operations: Presumably mobile

First Appearance: X-Force I 1999 Annual (1999)

History: (X-Force I 1999 Annual) - Former X-Force members Rictor and Shatterstar formed Triple X, an informal group designed to protect mutants and others wrongfully abused, after former Martin Henry Strong agent Neurotap decided to accompany them following a massive battle against Hanna Verschlagen, head of the German pharmaceutical company Verschlagen Industries. After Neurotap joined Rictor and Shatterstar, Shatterstar picked up the torn shirt belonging to Hanrasha, one of Hanna Verschlagen's children whose life force Hanna absorbed to jumpstart her own latent mutant powers, and opted to wear it as a bandana to symbolize Hanrasha's courage and to remind those who survived the battle why they continued fighting.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Chris Renaud, Ken Lashley, Rod Ramos, Scott Elmer and Rich Perrotta.

Triple X was only referred to by name in the text blurb at the end of X-Force I 1999 Annual. They were never seen again as a group. A text blurb on the final panel states "For more on Shatterstar, Rictor and Neurotap, write in to Jason and say 'We want our Triple X!'"

I apologize for the lack of better images of the group but they were only seen as a group on the final page of X-Force I 1999 Annual and the only image showing all three members had odd coloring (and Rictor was only in the background shadows).

Profile by Proto-Man.

Triple X has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
X-Force I 1999 Annual, p39, pan3 (Triple X, main image)
X-Force I 1999 Annual, p39, pan1 (Shatterstar & Neurotap)

X-Force I 1999 Annual (1999) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Chris Renaud, Ken Lashley (pencils), Rod Ramos, Scott Elmer, Rich Perrotta (inks), Jason Liebig (editor)

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