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Real Name: Dr. Shanna O'Hara

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-57780) normal human

Occupation: Adventurer, veterinarian

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Spider-Man (Peter Parker), various animals (Jumbo, others) (all Earth-57780)

Enemies: Trapper and his henchmen (all Earth-57780)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: mobile in Africa (Earth-57780)

First Appearance: Spidey Super Stories#14/1 (December, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Shanna is a qualified and experienced veterinarian, dedicated to protecting animals. She possesses athlete-level fitness plus an empathy toward wild animals, which often respond willingly to her commands.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Strawberry blond


(Spidey Super Stories#14/1 (fb)) - Shanna O'Hara became a skilled veterinarian and doctor. She learned to walk and talk with animals in their domain, the African jungle, and promised to protect them.

(Spidey Super Stories#14/5) - Peter Parker was excited to have won a prize to see animal expert Dr. Shanna O'Hara in Africa. She presented her healing work to the audience, but when she found the unique white elephant had been stolen, she slipped off her lab coat and became Shanna the Jungle Queen, and went hunting for clues. Parker secretly changed into Spider-Man and joined her in the nearby jungle. Shanna told Spidey the likely culprit was Trapper, a notorious animal poacher. Spider-Man was soon caught in a rope trap and seeing the guilty Trapper nearby, she kicked him into a pit trap. Shanna and Spidey then rounded Trapper and his henchmen into a cage and rode the freed white elephant dragging the cage to the game warden. Later, Shanna presented the white elephant to the audience, including the tired Peter Parker.

(Spidey Super Stories#35/2 (fb) - BTS) - Shanna trailed Trapper, who was capturing wild animals for his Jungle Land park, but training some animals to also break and steal.

(Spidey Super Stories#35/2) - Shanna stopped three of Trapper's henchmen using Jumbo the elephant to rob a bank, saving Spider-Man from getting squashed. Teaming up again, Shanna and Spider-Man forced a henchman to reveal Trapper's location, but finding the park empty, the duo raced to a nearby mall that Trapper was robbing using wild animals. Seeing a theft in progress, Shanna had Spider-Man dress up like a gorilla and infiltrate the animal pack to subvert Trapper's criminal activity. Seeing Shanna and confounded by the misbehaving "gorilla", Trapper ordered his animals to attack Shanna,but they refused. Shanna chased him through a store and captured him trying to flee Spidey's gorilla antics. She tied him up for the authorities.

Comments: Created by Jean Thomas (writer), Win Mortimer (pencils), Mike Esposito & Tony Mortellaro (inks).

Spidey Super Stories#32 shows that she's not based in the USA (but no other storyline associated with it).

Physical stats are taken from the Earth-616 version (Shanna the She-Devil), as they look very much alike (apart from the early blond hair). Shanna of Earth-57780 also seems to incorporate elements of the Golden Age hero, Lorna the Jungle Queen.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Shanna of Earth-57780 has no known connections to:


Jumbo was an elephant Trapper had procured and trained to aid in robberies. Jumbo was ridden by three of Trapper's henchmen to raid a bank, smashing through the glass, then ripped open the vault door. When Spider-Man arrived to stop them, Jumbo was ordered to tackle him, first wrapping him in its trunk, then stepping on Spidey to squash him, but Shanna appeared and calmed it. Jumbo listened to her instead of the henchman and they rode Jumbo through city streets to Trapper's Jungle Land park. Finding the park empty, Shanna and Spidey left Jumbo there and raced off to stop Trapper.

Jumbo has the smaller ears characteristic of Indian elephants.


--Spidey Super Stories#35/2

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Spidey Super Stories#14, p25, pan1 (main image)
Spidey Super Stories#35, p12, pan4 (headshot)

Spidey Super Stories#14/1 (December, 1975) - Jean Thomas (writer), Win Mortimer (pencils), Mike Esposito & Tony Mortellaro (inks), A.J. Hays (editor)
Spidey Super Stories#14/5 (December, 1975) - Jean Thomas (writer), Win Mortimer (pencils), Mike Esposito & Tony Mortellaro (inks), A.J. Hays (editor)
Spidey Super Stories#35/2 (September, 1978) - Jim Salicrup &/or Linda Lee Karas (writer), Win Mortimer (pencils), Mike Esposito (inks), A.J. Hayes & Julie Mishkin (editors)

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