Real Name: Qu'vin

Identity/Class: Extradimensional mystic parasite

Occupation: Parasite

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Dr. Strange (Stephen Strange), Merlin

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Qu'vin the Bloviate" (insult from Dr. Strange)

Base of Operations: Presumably an unidentified dimension

First Appearance: Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme I#1 (December, 2016)

Powers/Abilities: Qu'vin the Malevolent had several prehensile tentacles protruding from his body that he could grasp objects with. He also appeared invisible to the untrained eye, only seen by those with an affinity towards magic.

At one point, Qu'vin utilized the mystic, time-reversing Lost Bones of Eh-Yuh but it was unclear what the artifacts added to his existing power.

Height: 12'2" (by approximation)
Weight: 500 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: None

History: (Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme I#1 (fb) - BTS) - With Earth's mystic defenses down following the destruction of magic by the Empirikul, the mystic parasite Qu'vin the Malevolent obtained the Lost Bones of Eh-Yuh and took advantage of the lack of defenses to invade Earth, only to be met by a less-powerful Dr. Strange.

(Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme I#1) - Grasping Dr. Strange with one of his tentacles, Qu'vin announced that Strange would finally die at the whims of Qu'vin the Malevolent. Cutting himself free with his axe, Dr. Strange wise-cracked to keep Qu'vin distracted, hoping to summon what little magic he could against Qu'vin, who instead grabbed Strange yet again. Remaining invisible to any bystanders, Qu'vin slammed Dr. Strange into the walls of an alleyway while an old lady who only managed to see a floating Dr. Strange remarked on how she should not have moved out of Brooklyn. Before Qu'vin could kill Strange, however, he was defeated by the time-traveling Merlin from the Age of Camelot. As Merlin admitted he sensed weakness in Dr. Strange, Strange took advantage of the moment to cut into Qu'vin with his axe and retrieve the mystic artifacts known as the Lost Bones of Eh-Yuh, which Strange remarked should have never been in Qu'vin's possession. As Strange retrieved the artifacts, Qu'vin disappeared in a wash of mystic fire.

Comments: Created by Robbie Thompson, Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Qu'vin the Malevolent has no known connections to:

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Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme I#1, p4, pan4 (Qu'vin, main image)
Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme I#1, p4, pan1 (Qu'vin battling Dr. Strange)

Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme I#1 (December, 2016) - Robbie Thompson (writer), Javier Rodriguez (pencils), Alvaro Lopez (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

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