Real Name: Stan Ori

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Senator

Group Membership: The Bessucho crime family, the United States Senate

Affiliations: Don Elio Bessucho, Saracen (Muzzafar Lambert)

Enemies: Punisher (Frank Castle)

Known Relatives: Elio Bessucho (cousin); unidentified nephew

Aliases: "Cousin"

Base of Operations: Miami, Florida, USA

First Appearance: (voice, name mentioned): Punisher War Journal I#25 (December, 1990);
(fully seen): Punisher War Journal I#26 (January, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Sen. Stan Ori had no superhuman powers but he had enough political power and influence that he could get others citizenship and hire mercenaries without the knowledge of the rest of the US Senate.

Height: 6'3" (by approximation)
Weight: 175 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

History: (Punisher War Journal I#26 (fb) - BTS) - Stan Ori was elected to the United States Senate and soon got the mercenary Saracen on the OA payroll.

(Punisher War Journal I#25 - BTS) - Stan Ori phoned his cousin, crimelord Don Elio Bessucho, and asked about a problem Elio had with the Punisher, who had killed three of Elio's men. Stan then admitted that it was unfortunate that the incident with the Punisher would occur as Stan was planning to visit Elio in Sicily, remarking that they had been planning their operation for too long and that he couldn't help Elio if he wasn't re-elected. When Stan mentioned sending a man out to help Elio, Elio grew angry, exclaiming that the Bessucho crime family had ruled over Sicily for a hundred years without Stan's help but Stan assured Elio that the man he was sending was an expert. Reluctantly agreeing to see the man, Elio warned Stan that the man better follow orders before asking Stan about his own troubles that cost Stan's nephew his life. When Stan assured Elio he was working on it, Elio told Stan that he should make sure his own yard was clean before telling others how to clean theirs but Stan reminded Elio that they were family and that he was just trying to help. Moments later, the man Stan had sent, Saracen, arrived and met with Elio, proving himself by getting a gun past Elio's security.

(Punisher War Journal I#26) - Sen. Ori visited Don Elio Bessucho in person to inform him that his trouble in Miami and Don Elio's trouble in Sicily were caused by the same man: Frank Castle. After showing Don Elio a photo, Sen. Ori was grabbed by Don Elio, who accused Ori of chasing Castle to Sicily but Ori insisted that he had no idea that Castle would run from Miami to Sicily. Ori then posed the question of why Castle went to Sicily in the first place, explaining how the last name Castle was the shortened form of the Sicilian name Castiglione, a family that Don Elio had trouble with back in the 1950s. Don Elio immediately got upset but Ori reminded Elio that he had sent Saracen and assured Elio that Castle and his uncle Rocco Castiglione, the man who had given Elio trouble in the 1950s, were as good as dead. Elio quickly reminded Ori of the story of the island that was overrun with rats so cats were brought in but then cats overran the island so dogs were brought in and so forth, but Ori assured Elio that Saracen owed him big and remarked on how he could get Saracen citizenship. A grumbling Elio then admitted how proud the Bessucho family was that Ori had been elected to the Senate but disagreed with Ori using his power to help a treacherous criminal like Saracen get citizenship, prompting Ori to slyly remark that he could also get Elio citizenship.

(Punisher War Journal I#27) - Following a battle with the Punisher, Saracen reported back to Don Elio Bessucho that Sen. Ori had been correct that Elio's trouble was being caused by Frank Castle. Elio commended Saracen and ordered Saracen to bring in the Punisher alive but when Saracen remarked that he would if possible, Sen. Ori explained that he wanted to find out what the Punisher knew before Saracen killed him. Confirming that Saracen heard Sen. Ori's plans, Don Elio reiterated his order for Saracen to bring back the Punisher alive. When Saracen later returned and reported both the Punisher and Rocco Castiglione dead, Don Elio questioned whether the Punisher was truly dead but Sen. Ori exclaimed that, while he had wanted to poke the Punisher's eyes out himself for killing his nephew, he was fine settling for the Punisher's confirmed death. Ori then suggested Elio could pick up Hakim Abdullah as a client now that Rocco Castiglione was also out of the picture. Elio replied that he would if Hakim could supply him with heroin, which a smiling Ori mentioned Elio could traffic into Miami. Ori also suggested Saracen could supervise the tracking, prompting Elio to ask Ori about gaining citizenship. Ori explained that he could get Elio citizenship but that they would have to part ways and not be seen together again, further remarking that he needed to return to his constituents. Ori then paid Saracen $100,000 for his services before asking Elio for reimbursement since Saracen had done Elio a favor. He then asked Elio for a ride to the Messina International Airport and two hours later, Elio had his chauffeur drop Ori off. Inside the airport, Ori became upset at the service and made a scene, angrily reminding the clerks that he was a senator, only to be silenced when he noticed "Saracen." Asking what Saracen was doing there, Ori was shot dead and his death was reported by the news. As Sicilian authorities searched for Saracen to bring him to justice for Ori's death, "Saracen" drove off, removing a mask and revealing himself to be a disguised Punisher.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron and Mark Texeira.

The art for Punisher War Journal I#25-27 was only credited to Tex, which was Mark Texeira's studio of artists. I seem to recall in one of the Punisher letters columns a listing of the studio artists in Texeira's studio but I couldn't for the life of me find while Mark Texeira is credited in this profile, the art was likely done by a series of artists alongside Texeira himself.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Sen. Stan Ori has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Punisher War Journal I#27, p18, pan3 (Sen. Stan Ori with drink, main image)
Punisher War Journal I#26, p18, pan1 (Sen. Stan Ori, headshot)
Punisher War Journal I#26, p18, pan2 (Sen. Stan Ori in shadow)

Punisher War Journal I#25 (December, 1990) - Mike Baron (writer), Mark Texeira (art), Don Daley (editor)
Punisher War Journal I#26 (January, 1991) - Mike Baron (writer), Mark Texeira (art), Don Daley (editor)
Punisher War Journal I#27 (February, 1991) - Mike Baron (writer), Mark Texeira (art), Don Daley (editor)

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