Real Name: Toussaint Murrow

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Mercenary, voodoo funeral performer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Harold Monsarrat

Enemies: Punisher (Frank Castle)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Baron Cemetary (stage name)

Base of Operations: The Baron Cemetary offices in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

First Appearance: The Punisher: Die Hard in the Big Easy (1992)

Powers/Abilities: The Mortician possessed no inherent superhuman powers but he was a very skilled voodoo practitioner, using various voodoo potions and poisons as well as voodoo dolls. He also carried a staff that could paralyzing darts from its tip.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 159 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None

History: (The Punisher: Die Hard in the Big Easy (fb) - BTS) - The Mortician fancied himself possessed by the Loa death god Baron Cemetary and made a name for him as a specialist in voodoo funerals "of distinction."

(The Punisher: Die Hard in the Big Easy (fb)) - After tracking drug traffickers' trail to New Orleans, Punisher began questioning and ended up killing a few of drug lord Harold Monsarrat's men. In an effort to stop the Punisher, Monsarrat hired "Baron Cemetary," also known as the Mortician. When the Punisher forced a rental property landlord into revealing that one of the agents worked for Monsarrat, the Mortician arrived and warned that the landlord had already said enough to get himself buried. The Mortician then calmly raised his staff, which fired a dart into the Punisher's neck. Before the drug could take effect, the Punisher lashed out, taking down nearly all of the Mortician's thugs before succumbing to the drugged dart. As Punisher's body grew numb, the Mortician introduced himself and announced that he had been hired to arrange the Punisher's death. With his last bit of strength, the Punisher hurled his handgun into the Mortician's and stiffly made his escape. The Mortician quickly ordered his men to follow the fumbling Punisher through the Carnival crowd. Eventually, the Punisher collapsed due to the drugged dart and the Mortician had him brought back to his offices, where he had the Punisher tied and placed in a coffin. The Mortician then revealed his plans to bury the Punisher alive and raise him as a zombie.

(The Punisher: Die Hard in the Big Easy) - The Mortician brought the Punisher to the river and lowered him into a grave before killing a chicken and dripping its blood over the Punisher. As Punisher squirmed, the Mortician told Punisher to die with a curse on his lips, explaining that the Punisher would rise again under the Mortician's orders. The Mortician then had his men seal the Punisher's coffin and promised he would meet the Punisher again before departing. After local Jonas Jackson rescued the Punisher and the Punisher succeeded in killing Harold Monsarrat at his own riverboat party, the Mortician was phoned to inform him of his failure to kill the Punisher. As the Mortician angrily exclaimed that the Punisher could not be alive unless the Mortician himself had summoned him, the Punisher busted into the Mortician's offices and killed the Mortician's men. Pulling out a long, drugged voodoo needle, the Mortician jumped into hand-to-hand combat against the Punisher while his offices went up in fire. Punisher ended up knocking the Mortician out with the butt of his gun then carried him out to the river, where he put the Mortician in a coffin and buried him alive. As he left, the Punisher challenged that if the Mortician was as good as he claimed to be, he would find a way out.

Comments: Created by John Wagner and Phil Gascoine.

The Mortician had an entry in the Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 5: Marvel Knights, where his real name, height and weight were first revealed.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Mortician has no KNOWN connections to:

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The Punisher: Die Hard in the Big Easy, p19, pan5 (The Mortician, headshot)

The Punisher: Die Hard in the Big Easy (1992) - John Wagner (writer), Phil Gascoine (art), Marie Javins (editor)

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