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Real Name: Dr. David Malraux

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Surgeon

Group Membership: University of Chicago's medical center

Affiliations: Tigra (Greer Nelson), medical staff at the medical center

Enemies: Kraven (Sergei Kravinoff) and his four thugs (Marty Sturgis, others)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Chicago, USA

First Appearance: Marvel Chillers I#4 (April, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: Dr. David Malraux was a brilliant surgeon specializing in neural responses.


(Marvel Chillers I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Malraux devised an experimental psycho-motor response procedure. This attracted the attention of Kraven, who saw it as a means to increase his fighting abilities. Accompanied by his armed thugs, Kraven found Malraux at the University of Chicago's medical center, knocked him unconscious and tied him up.

(Marvel Chillers I#4) - Kraven carried Malraux away from the medical center while his thugs' gunfire and smoke created a diversion, but a fired bullet also lodged into a bystander's spine and the girl was immediately hospitalized, with Malraux's procedure seen as the only viable treatment. Having also been caught in the crossfire, Tigra hunted the perpetrators and found Kraven's hideout but was trapped in a caged circus ring by the grandstanding animal hunter. Tigra saw Malraux bound and suspended in the air, with Kraven declaring he intended to learn the doctor's secret to amplify neural responses and make him unbeatable. Tigra defeated Kraven and Malraux was freed. Later, back at the medical center, Malraux informed the waiting Tigra that he'd successfully performed the procedure on the injured girl and expected her recovery after she underwent a year of therapy. He was surprised that Tigra decided to leave without attempting to clear her name with the police.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), Frank Robbins (pencils) and Vince Colletta (inks).

He's mistakenly cited as Herbert in the OHotMU Kraven entry; this may be his middle name instead.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

David Malraux has no known connections to:

Marty Sturgis

Marty Sturgis was one of Kraven's hired thugs. He and his three colleagues created a diversion while Kraven kidnapped Malraux from the University of Chicago's medical center. Sturgis and his men were willing to kill police to escape when Kraven left them behind. Later, undercover, Tigra overheard Sturgis plot with his men to steal from Kraven so they could hide from the police and so she followed them to an abandoned arena. However, Kraven killed Sturgis and his crew, their corpses on display in the circus ring to rattle Tigra before their fight.


--Marvel Chillers I#4

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Marvel Chillers I#4, p13, pan2 (main image, suspended)
   p18, pan5 (headshot)
   p6, pan5 (Sturgis)

Marvel Chillers I#4 (April, 1976) - Chris Claremont (writer), Frank Robbins (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)

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