Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-92131) human mutate

Occupation: Manservant;
    former crimelord

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: His gang;
    formerly the Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)

Enemies: Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Prowler (Hobie Brown)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Ice"

Base of Operations: A meatpacking warehouse in New York City (Earth-92131)

First Appearance: Spider-Man: The Animated Series episode, "Partners in Danger, Chapter 11: The Prowler" (August 2, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Iceberg was genetically-engineered to have superhuman strength and durability; this also gave him blue skin and hair, and apparently an affinity for cold environments. He carries a freeze-ray pistol that can encase its targets in solid blocks of ice.

Height: 6'0" (by approximation)
Weight: 190 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blue

History: (Spider-Man: The Animated Series - "Partners in Danger, Chapter 11: The Prowler" - (fb)) - A criminal was experimented upon to become super-strong; dubbing himself Iceberg, he set himself up a criminal operation in a rough section of New York City. He became one of the Kingpin's lieutenants, but eventually Fisk found him too hard to control. Among Iceberg's underlings was a young thief named Hobie Brown.

Via his surveillance cameras, Iceberg overheard Brown chafing under Iceberg's rule while en route to delivering Iceberg's cut of his latest robbery, and planning to overthrow him. Once Brown was in his presence, Iceberg played the tape back for him, then used his freeze-ray to freeze Brown's feet in a block of ice. He told his men to throw Brown in the river.

Brown eventually returned, calling himself the Prowler and wearing a super-suit given to him by Fisk as a plot to unseat Iceberg. As Iceberg entered his secret lair, the Prowler destroyed his limo, sending Iceberg and his henchmen rushing back out. Iceberg engaged the Prowler in hand-to-hand combat, but was shocked to find the Prowler's suit made Brown even stronger than him. Iceberg escaped when Spider-Man intervened and attacked the Prowler. The Prowler soon returned, and invaded Iceberg's base. Iceberg froze him solid with his freeze-ray, but the Prowler melted through the ice, smashed the freeze-ray, and defeated Iceberg. He later put Iceberg to work as his manservant. What became of him afterwards, when the Prowler gave up his life of crime, was unrevealed.

Comments: Created by John Semper, Terence Taylor, Dell Barras and more (see Appearances list for most of the artists).

Iceberg was voiced by character actor Lawrence Mandley.

It's kinda weird that the Spider-Man cartoon introduced an unnaturally-pale super-strong African-American crimelord when Tombstone had already appeared on the show, but maybe since he'd turned up earlier in the season, they didn't want to use him again?

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Earth-92131's Iceberg, icy crimelord, has no known connections to:

Iceberg's gang


The crimelord Iceberg surrounded himself with henchmen. When Hobie Brown defied him, he sent two of his men to throw him in the river, but Brown escaped them. Later, they unsuccessfully defended him from Brown, who had become the costumed Prowler. Eventually, they were compelled to serve him when the Prowler defeated and usurped Iceberg. What became of them and Iceberg after the Prowler gave up crime was unrevealed.

Iceberg's men wore heavy parkas to stay warm in Iceberg's icy lair, and carried laser pistols.

--Spider-Man: The Animated Series, "Partners in Danger, Chapter 11: The Prowler"

images: (without ads)
Spider-Man: The Animated Series, "Partners in Danger, Chapter 11: The Prowler" (main image, Iceberg with freeze-ray & henchmen)

Spider-Man: The Animated Series "Partners in Danger, Chapter 11: The Prowler" (August 2, 1997) - John Semper (story), Terence Taylor (teleplay), Dennis Venizelos (art director, background paints), Vladimir Spasojevic (production designer), Michael Tyau (art coordinator), Dell Barras (character design), Wayne Schulz (prop design), Donn Greer, T.C. Ponce, Moon Choi (additional character & prop design), Lawrence Kim, Enzo Baldi, Brad Morris, Fred Carrillo (background design), Ken Laramay (storyboard coordinator/art), Floyd Dery, Clint Taylor, Gary Graham, Rick Hoberg, Bill Kling, Jim James, Dick Sebast, Bob Souza, Hank Tucker, Kumi Bowen (storyboard art), Jerry Eisenberg, John Ahern, Jason So (additional storyboard art), Bob Richardson (director)

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