Type: Alternate Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Mystic entities, mutants; time-displaced demons, dinosaurs and humans

Significant Inhabitants: The Adversary, Freedom Force (Avalanche, Crimson Commando, Mystique, Pyro, Spiral, Stonewall, Super Sabre), the X-Men (Arch Angel, Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Dazzler, Forge, Havok, Iceman, Longshot, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Psylocke, Rogue, Shadowcat, Storm,Wolverine)

First Appearance: X-Men II: The Fall of the Mutants video game (1990)

History: (X-Men II: The Fall of the Mutants video game) - After Storm and Forge were imprisoned by the powerful Adversary, five of the large X-Men roster ventured into the Adversary's time warps to search for their missing teammates. Venturing to various locales throughout time, including snowy Dallas, Texas, the Galleria mall, the Ice Age, the Primal Age, a wooded forest, a dry set of plains, a jungle, Vietnam and even Forge's Eagle Tower, the X-Men battled time-displaced dinosaurs and other enemies, as well as running into their enemies in Freedom Force, from whom they learned the location of the next areas to investigate upon each of their defeats.

Upon learning the path to the Adversary from Freedom Force, the X-Men traveled to the Starlight Citadel, which the Adversary had taken over. During the battle against the Adversary, Storm and Forge were freed and Forge embraced his Native American mysticism to banish the Adversary. Succeeding with losing any of their teammates, the X-Men departed the Starlight Citadel.

Comments: Created by Paragon Software.

The video game spelled "Archangel" as "Arch Angel." Given that this was an alternate reality, perhaps his name was simply spelled like that in this reality.

While it might seem at first that this story could fit into Earth-616, the Watcher appeared at the beginning of the video game and specifically refers to the video game story as an alternate reality, posing the answer to the question "What If...a Different Team Fought the Adversary?"

This reality is an alternate reality, rather than a divergent reality. While extremely similar to Earth-616, this reality was slightly different from 616 at the time the "Fall of the Mutants" storyline was occurring on 616. One example is the aforementioned alternate spelling of Archangel ("Arch Angel")'s codename but the main difference is that the X-Men's roster at the time was different and larger than that of Earth-616's, including characters who were in X-Factor at the time on 616 like Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman and Arch Angel.

No credits were given in the video game, other than to Paragon Software as the developer and publisher.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-A Different Team Fought the Adversary has no known connection to

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X-Men II: Fall of the Mutants box art (main image)
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X-Men II: The Fall of the Mutants video game (1990) - Paragon Software (developer, publisher)

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