(of Earth-1310)

Membership: "Goor-Gon," "Karr-nack," Lockjaw, "Maa-doo-sa," "Master," "Tri-ton"

Purpose: To protect their race

Aliases: "Family" (as called by Lockjaw)

Affiliations: "Hoo-ma-noids"

Enemies: "Helmet Head"

Base of Operations: A castle underneath Earth's oceans

First Appearance: Marvel Knights Millennial Visions 2001 (February, 2002)

History: (Marvel Knights Millennial Visions 2001 - "It's a Doggie Dog World" (fb) - BTS) - Lockjaw was eating when "Helmet Head" attacked the Inhumans' castle home, prompting the Inhumans to send their guards against "Helmet Head," who melted the guards' spears and insisted that the Inhumans were mutants (or "moo-tants," as Lockjaw called them) like himself. Announcing that mutants should rule the world surrounding the Inhumans' castle, "Helmet Head" was prepared to forcibly recruit the Inhumans until "Karr-nack" explained that the Inhumans were not mutants. Angry that the Inhumans were not mutants, "Helmet Head" began shaking the Inhumans' castle as "Goor-Gon," "Tri-ton" and "Karr-nack" fought back, with "Karr-nack" cracking "Helmet Head"'s helmet. "Helmet Head" retaliated by repelling his attackers before entering the room housing the Terrigen Mists and the Inhuman children. Lockjaw's "Master" (Black Bolt) and "Maa-doo-sa" managed to save the Inhuman children but proved unable to stop "Helmet Head" from exploding the tanks containing Terrigen, causing the Terrigen Mists to spread throughout the Inhumans' castle and further mutate the Inhumans. Lockjaw then jumped onto "Helmet Head," knocking him away from the rescued Inhuman children before using his forehead fork to teleport "Helmet Head" far away from the Inhumans. Moments later, "Karr-nack" revealed that "Helmet Head" had contaminated the castle with Terrigen and that it had been separated from the Terrigen quickly. Ordering the "Hoo-ma-noids" to erect a bubble around the castle, "Karr-nack" watched as Lockjaw's "Master" opened his mouth, sinking the castle into the oceans. As the castle submerged into the oceans, protected by the bubble, "Maa-doo-sa," who had been mutated into an aquatic form by the exploding Terrigen Mists, remained outside the castle.

(Marvel Knights Millennial Visions 2001 - "It's a Doggie Dog World") - Saddened that he was now permanently separated from his queen, Lockjaw's "Master" did not have Lockjaw do anything, instead constantly watching his queen from inside the castle. Upon seeing Lockjaw, "Master" managed a smile as he scratched Lockjaw, who thought it was good being Lockjaw.

Comments: Created by Bill Rosemann and Manuel Gutierrez.

This story was told from the perspective of Lockjaw so many of the names that he mentioned are his interpretations of characters we know. For example:
Master=Black Bolt
and I believe Helmet Head=Magneto, given the penchant for trying to protect mutants and the fact that he tends to wear a helmet. Similarly, I believe the "Hoo-ma-noids" are meant to be the Inhumans' Alpha Primitives, given that they served the Inhumans.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-1310's Inhumans have no known connections to

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Marvel Knights Millennial Visions 2001, p10, splash page (Inhumans, main image)

Marvel Knights Millennial Visions 2001 (February, 2002) - "It's a Doggie Dog World" story - Bill Rosemann (text), Manuel Gutierrez (art), no editor credited

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