(of Earth-11911)

Real Name: Unrevealed (possibly Nicholas)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-11911) magic user

Occupation: Gift bringer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Super Hero Squad (Captain America/Steven Rogers, Falcon, Hulk, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Tigra, Wolverine), his reindeer

Enemies: S.H.I.E.L.D. (whose Helicarrier he crashed into)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Sir"

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the world

First Appearance: Super Hero Squad II#12 (February, 2011)

Powers/Abilities: Santa Claus had a variety of magic abilities, including enhanced healing, being able to watch anyone anywhere, teleportation and magically conjuring items such as clothing or a cast.

Height: Unrevealed (see comments)
Weight: Unrevealed (see comments)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

History: (Super Hero Squad II#12/2 (fb)) - During a particular stormy Christmas, Santa Claus utilized the world's first mutant, a reindeer with the ability to make his nose glow a bright red light (see comments), to help get his sleigh through the low visibility. Santa continued using the reindeer, leading it to become famous.

(Super Hero Squad II#12) - While traversing the world on his route to deliver Christmas presents, Santa Claus crashed his sleigh into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, which was hovering in the middle of Santa's route during a snowstorm. Demanding to know who put an airship in the middle of his flight path, Santa was told by Captain America that S.H.I.E.L.D. had planned their flight path with the FAA and Santa calmed down, admitting that he was just blowing off some steam. Captain America and Iron Man then helped Santa into a chair, where Santa announced that he had twisted his ankle in the crash and that, while he was a very quick healer, he would need help to deliver his presents on schedule. With a wave of his hand, Santa donned the Super Hero Squad in Santa get-up and announced that each of the Super Hero Squad were now deputized Christmas elves to help Santa. Magically wrapping his twisted ankle in a cast, Santa warned the Super Hero Squad not to mess up, as he would be watching them. While Captain America was ready to do whatever was needed, the other Squaddies questioned what they needed to do but Santa ignored the questions and magically teleported the team on their way. After the Super Hero Squad was sent away, Santa remarked that they were good bunch, albeit noisy, and asked his reindeer how they were doing, prompting them to reply that they were doing fine but could benefit from the "coffee break." When the Super Hero Squad returned to Santa, Santa Claus boarded his flying sleigh and commended the Squaddies on taking care of gifts for the entire city within 4 hours, remarking that he could have done it in 14 minutes but that he was Santa. Proclaiming the Squaddies to all be "good kids," Santa announced that he had to be flying, as the clock was ticking and Christmas morning would be there before they knew it. Tigra replied by asking if they could all ride in the sleigh since they had done such a good job and Santa relented and told the Super Hero Squad to hop in his sleigh. Santa and the Super Hero Squad then flew off into the night, proclaiming "Season's Greetings!"

Comments: Created by Todd DeZago and Marcelo Dichiara.

So Santa's red-nosed reindeer was never fully identified by name. Cyclops begins to say "Ru--" before being cut off by Beast. Of course, it would very likely be Rudolph, the famous red-nosed reindeer of song, but my guess is that Rudolph is probably copyrighted since he was first created in a book for the Montgomery Ward department store chain.

The height and weight of Earth-11911's Santa Claus was impossible to determine as no other Earth-11911 native has had an official height & weight given. Also, nearly all of the Earth-11911 natives were shorter in stature than a typical human being.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Santa Claus (Earth-11911) has no KNOWN connections to:

images: (without ads)
Super Hero Squad II#12, p4, pan3 (Santa Claus, main image)
Super Hero Squad II#12, p6, pan2 (Santa Claus headshot)
Super Hero Squad II#12, p13, pan5 (Santa with red-nosed reindeer)

Super Hero Squad II#12 (February, 2011) - "Christmas with the Squaddies!" story - Todd DeZago (writer), Marcelo Dichiara (art), Mike Horwitz, Nate Cosby (editors); "X-Mas with the X-Men!" story - Todd DeZago (writer), Dario Brizuela (art), Mike Horwitz, Nate Cosby (editors)

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