(of Earth-1021)

Membership: Flashback, Maverick, Sabra, Spitfire, Sunfire, Vanguard

Purpose: To combat threats the world did not know existed

Aliases: None

Affiliations: A secret international cabal

Enemies: Unidentified secret enemies of the world

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: X-Men Millennial Visions (August, 2000)

History: (X-Men Millennial Visions - "Weapon X" (fb) - BTS) - A special response team formed by a secret international cabal, Weapon X operated without the United Nations' knowledge, feeling that international interests would be better served by superhumans with no allegiance to America. Composed of international heroes, Weapon X was an attempt to gain a piece of the world back for themselves, with the secret cabal disposing of anyone they could not control or that resisted them.

(X-Men Millennial Visions - "Weapon X") - Consisting of Israel's Sabra, Japan's Sunfire, Germany's Maverick, Canada's Flashback, Russia's Vanguard and England's Spitfire, who each joined for their own personal reasons, Weapon X operated in total secrecy, battling enemies that the world was not even aware of.

Comments: Created by Jay Faerber, Tom Derenick and Eric Cannon.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-1021's Weapon X has no known connections to

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X-Men Millennial Visions, p45, splash page (Weapon X, main image)

X-Men Millennial Visions (August, 2000) - "Weapon X" story - Jay Faerber (text), Tom Derenick (pencils), Eric Cannon (inks), Mike Marts (editor)

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