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Real Name: T'Swana

Identity/ClassNormal human (citizen of Wakanda)

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: Temple of the Panther God

Affiliations: Black Panther (T'Challa), Mendinao (loose)

Enemies: Supremacists (Barricade (Alistair Koch),  Captain Blaze (Konrad Fassbinder), Harrier (Johannes Haff),  Hungyr (Frank Baer), Voortrekker (Rutger van Bokhoven), White Avenger (Dieter Steinhauer))

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: T'Swana the Powerful

Base of Operations: Wakanda

First Appearance: Black Panther II#2 (August, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: T'Swana is very strong and an exceptional hand-to-hand fighter, second only in Wakanda to the enhanced Black Panther.

Height: 6'4" (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


(Black Panther II#2 (fb) - BTS) - T'Swana had been bested in combat by only the sacred Panther (see comments) and the Black Panther (T'Challa).

(Black Panther II#2) - Having lost his link to the Panther God, the Black Panther was under scrutiny as to the legitimacy of his rule. T'Swana stepped in while the Wakandan tribal council debated the tense situation with neighboring Azania. T'Swana challenged T'Challa to prove the link to the Panther God, as only those could defeat him. Mendinao cautioned T'Challa, but he took T'Swana on anyway. T'Swana had the strength and height advantage, but could not match T'Challa's speed and agility. T'Swana seemed near victory when the Supremacists from Azania attacked; Harrier tasered T'Swana, who fell to the ground unconscious.








Comments: Created by Peter B. Gillis (writer), Denys Cowan (pencils) and Sam De La Rosa (inks).

T'Swana stated that "Only the sacred Panther" could best him. What does this mean? Did he take on the Panther God (possibly as a Black Panther candidate) or does he act as a test of courage to those carry the Black Panther mantle?

His name is likely a reference to the Tswana people around Botswana; it could even hint that he may be of Tswana descent/origin.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

T'Swana has no known connections to:

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Black Panther II#2, p15, pan2 (main image)
    p14, pan3 (headshot)

Black Panther II#2 (August, 1988) - Peter B. Gillis (writer), Denys Cowan (pencils), Sam DeLa Rosa (inks), Mark Gruenwald (editor).

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