Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Lab assistant, former professional criminal

Group Membership: Horizon Labs staff

Affiliations: Peter Parker

Enemies: Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Known Relatives: Unidentified wife and daughter

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3 (July, 2011)

Powers/Abilities: Magnetic Man wore two magnetic gloves, allowing him to attract or repel metallic objects. He is a skilled inventor.

Height: 6'3" (approximate)
Weight: 170 lbs. (approximate)
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black, greying at temples

History: (Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3 (fb) ) - An inventor developed magnetic gloves and used them in a series of bank robberies as the Magnetic Man. Before long, however, Spider-Man defeated him. He was sent to jail for six years; while his stint in jail was uneventful, when he got out he found that technology had passed him by, his daughter was now a surly teenager, and job opportunities for an ex-con were vanishingly small. Thus, he donned his old costume and set out for a bank.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3) - Before he could actually break into the bank, a voice called out - it was Peter Parker, who'd read about the Magnetic Man's release in the paper. Parker offered him a chance to put his scientific skills to use as a lab assistant at Horizon Labs. The villain thanked Parker, contrasting him with Spider-Man, who he alleged didn't care about what happened to criminals after they served their time, and called his wife to give her the good news.

(Wolverine VII#9 - BTS) - Magnetic Man's gloves came in the possession of the Merchant who, from Madripoor, auctioneered superhuman memorabilia. During one such auction the Merchant offered the gloves next to such items as the cyanide tooth of the Black Widow, a Goblin Glider, a severed hand of Wolverine and the mutant Maverick. However, when the Merchant realized Wolverine himself was present at the auction he used the Magnetic Man's gloves himself to capture the mutant and put him on sale as well. But once Maverick overcame his conditioning he and Wolverine grabbed the Merchant.

(Wolverine VII#10 - BTS) - While still wearing the Magnetic Man's gloves the Merchant was held at gunpoint. The Merchant then took off the gloves, not long after the CIA under Agent Ramirez's leadership took command of the situation, presumably confiscating the auctioned items.

Comments: Created by Frank Tieri and Javier Rodriguez.

Of course, Horizon Labs would eventually be destroyed in a temporal accident (with no loss of life). The Magnetic Man may have continued on with Horizon boss Max Modell's new seafaring lab, jumped ship to Parker Industries (as some Horizon staff did), or just moved on.

Apparently in prison the Magnetic Man decided to grow his neat moustache into a full-on Lemmy Kilmister.

Wolverine update by MarvellousLuke.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Magnetic Man has no known connections to:

Magnetic Man's wife

(Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3 (fb) ) - The Magnetic Man's wife attended his trial and joyously greeted him six years later when he was released from prison. However, his inability to adapt to post-prison life put a serious strain on their marriage.


--Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3 (Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3 (fb)

Magnetic Man's daughter

(Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3 (fb) ) - A child when he went to prison, six years later the Magnetic Man's daughter had matured into an uncommunicative, provocatively-dressed teenager.


--Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3 (Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3 (fb)

images: (without ads)
Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3, p26, pan2 (main image)
Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3, p31, pan3 (headshot)
Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3, p27, pan2 (wife)
Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3, p27, pan4 (daughter)

Amazing Spider-Man II#662/3 (July, 2011) - Frank Tieri (writer), Javier Rodriguez (art), Stephen Wacker (editor)
Wolverine VII#9 (January, 2021) - Benjamin Percy (writer), Adam Kubert (pencils, inks), Mark Basso, Lauren Amaro, Jordan D. White (editors)
Wolverine VII#10 (February, 2021) - Benjamin Percy (writer), Adam Kubert (pencils, inks), Mark Basso, Lauren Amaro, Jordan D. White (editors)

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