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Real Name: Thaddeus Hatcher

Identity/Class: Human, civilian of the USA

Occupation: Pensioner,
                      formerly laborer at a saw mill

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Billy & Nan, Hulk (Bruce Banner), John & Sandy (two teens lost at sea)

Enemies: An unnamed gang of drug smugglers

Known Relatives: Unidentified wife (divorced), daughter and son-in-law

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed,
                                   formerly Paradise Acres on "Paradise Island" off the coast of Africa
                                   formerly Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

First Appearance: The Hulk!#18 (December, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Thaddeus possessed no known superhuman abilities, but was in more than fine physical shape for a man in his mid 70s living on an abandoned tropical island. Thaddeus was exceptionally knowledgeable on subjects like farming, wood cutting, caring for livestock and construction techniques. On top of that, he was also a capable instructor. An avid amateur carpenter, he built his own home in Wisconsin and was able to build tables that he could sell for profit. Tired of the modern world, he longed for the simpler times of his youth.

Height: 6'1" (by approximation)
Weight: 136 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray (black in youth)


(Hulk!#18 (fb) - BTS) - Thaddeus Hatcher was born in Wisconsin "before loud fast cars, jobs and television commercials." Though he always dreamed of becoming a carpenter, and even built his home in a suburb of Milwaukee, he eventually took a job at a local lumber mill to support his wife and their daughter.

(Hulk!#18 (fb) ) - Though he found the job at the mill rather dull, the pay kept Hatcher going back there for 40 years. At some point during these four decades, after their daughter moved out, his wife left him too. When he was 65 Hatcher was surprised to find a pink slip in his weekly salary envelope. With tears in his eyes, he learned the mill was forcing him to retire. In the months that followed, Hatcher indulged himself by taking up his old carpentry hobby, constructing tables he sold for a tiny profit. However, he was eventually forced to move in with his daughter and her husband when he could no longer afford the increased estate taxes on his home and the county assessor possessed it. Thoroughly demoralized by what had happened to him and unable to get another job or retire on his pension from the mill, Thaddeus sensed he was becoming a burden to his family. Lying to his daughter about going to visit a friend in Chicago, Hatcher actually cashed in all his savings and booked passage on a ship headed for Africa. Almost out of money by the time he arrived, he rented a small boat from the locals for a leisurely day of ocean fishing. Dozing off on the waters, Hatcher drifted off course and wound up in a storm that tossed him even further away from the land. Surviving on the seas for seven days on nothing but a thermos of soup, he eventually washed up on a horseshoe shaped island. The clean air and the fresh fruit did him a world of good and he soon found himself feeling better than he had in many a year. Thaddeus decided to build a home for himself, away from all the noise and pressure of the modern world. He began constructing a place for himself he called Paradise Acres, falling back on his skills as a carpenter to construct the tools and materials he needed for the job. He also located and captured two beasts of burden he nicknamed Billy and Nan. To note the passage of time, he carved a line in a palm tree stump on the beach, creating a "calendar pole". Hatcher also realized a band of drug smugglers were using the island to store their cache, returning about once a month to pick up or drop something off. He had learned to keep himself hidden during these times, but otherwise spent the next nine years in pure bliss.

(Hulk!#18 - BTS) - After waking up in a hospital in Africa, Bruce Banner grew agitated and changed into the Hulk who tore through the town, fighting the local military before deciding to jump away to some place calm. His powerful leg muscles soon took him to the coast and with one massive jump he eventually found himself landing on horseshoe shaped island. Instinctly feeling he was safe, Hulk changed into Banner who fell asleep on the beach from exhaustion.

(Hulk!#18) - Thaddeus discovered the unconscious Bruce Banner during his morning fruit haul with Billy and Nan and wondered out loud if he was a blessing or a curse. He nevertheless brought Banner back to Paradise Acres where Bruce soon recovered. Over tea, Thaddeus told Banner about himself, his past life in Wisconsin and how he wound up on what he called "Paradise Island". He then took Banner along on his daily routine, starting with carving another notch on the calendar pole and gathering food for their evening meal. Over the course of the day, Thaddeus explained he didn't miss his former home, save his childhood. But the America of his later years had very little to offer and he was far more content on the island. Over the next month, Hatcher and Banner worked tirelessly to build up and improve Paradise Acres, using Thaddeus' skills and Bruce's brawn to construct, among other things, an irrigation duct, a barbecue pit and a pen for Billy and Nan. When Banner inquired how Hacker knew so many diverse and esoteric things, the old man lamented that, unlike him, the world was in a constant rush for bigger and better things, with no time to remember the simple basics, like tacking a roof. Hacket went on, claiming "they've kinda forgotten that microwave ovens ain't gonna do nobody much good on a desert island". He then showed Banner the last of his money he'd kept in an empty sardine can, calling it the one thing in this world that can get old and wrinkly without losing its value. After thirty six days, the work was finished and Paradise Acres looked like "a rickety palace", in Thaddeus' own words. However, later that day a freak tropical storm surprised Banner so much he lost control and turned into the Hulk. Confused and furious, the green behemoth started smashing most of Paradise Acres, only stopping when he heard Thaddeus' pleas. Hulk wandered into the jungle where Hacker found Banner the next day.

(Hulk!#18 - BTS) - Caught in the storm as well, young teen couple Sandy and John were lost at sea on their ship the Fisher Wright. They spotted the horseshoe shaped island and laid in a course.

(Hulk!#18) - Thaddeus informed Banner about the monthly visits of the pirates, claiming he was expecting them any minute, when they spotted John and Sandy's ship coming in just as the pirates did as well. After welcoming the two teens, Hacker quickly explained to the incredulous couple their arrival had tipped off the smugglers to their presence and that they were already on their way to kill them. John didn't believe Thaddeus and actually ran up to the criminals, figuring they were really a rescue party. One of the gang shot the boy through the chest, which caused Banner to turn into the Hulk and chase off the smugglers. As John lay dying, Hacker pleaded with Hulk to go get a doctor. However, the Hulk didn't want to leave the island (subconsciously remembering how much Banner loved its peaceful surroundings). Eventually, the simple minded powerhouse came up with a straightforward solution. He dove underwater and smashed his way across the bedrock that connected Paradise Island to the ocean floor. He then pushed the horseshoe shaped isle to the nearest harbor. When Thaddeus spotted the shore, he realized his quiet, contented life of the past nine years was over and wistfully cut down the calendar pole. After they arrived on the beach, Thaddeus located the Hulk who was so exhausted from his feat of might he slumped over and shifted back to Banner.

(Hulk!#18 - BTS) - Hatcher made sure Banner and John got the medical help they needed. He then took the sardine can with the last of his money and managed to take off in a nearby fishing boat, leaving the tin behind as payment. Banner later explained to the police and the confused fisherman that he figured Thaddeus was out on the sea, looking for a new paradise for himself.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench (writer), Ron Wilson (pencils), Alfredo Alcala (inks) and a special tip of the hat to Steve Oliff (color).

It's more than a little obvious Doug Moench wrote the story of Thaddeus Hatcher in the mold of the Hulk live TV series which was immensly popular in those days. Just like an average episode of the show, the emphasis is on the interaction between Banner and Hatcher, their (albeit slightly melodramatic) personal histories the focal point of the tale. The Hulk is rarely seen, only showing up when there is danger.

Of course it's easy to poke holes in the logic of this story. It's unlikely a 65 year old man could survive on the ocean for 7 days on one thermos of soup... Not to mention that he managed to spent another 9 years on a deserted island with no access to medical facilities and yet be healthier than ever. Walking barefoot through a jungle is bound to leave you with little cuts that are bound to get infected without proper sterilization or antibiotics. But then again, Thaddeus might have been able to cultivate fungus to make penicillin. That still doesn't explain how after 9 years with no one to talk to, he still spoke perfect English. Maybe Billy and Nan were wonderful conversationalists, but I kinda doubt that.

Yours truly first read this issue when he was about eight or nine. My mom bought it for me at a local convencience store to keep me quiet during shopping. Back then, the irony of a social commentary on how society tends to treat the elderly as useless outcasts delivered by a man who literally became an outcast went right over my little head. Rereading the issue over two decades later, well in the age of the internet, one can only conclude old Thaddeus was a visionary for warning us of the dangers of losing ourselves and all that came before in our seemingly relentless pursuit of the next big thing. With a little more life lived, I can relate. Though I was raised on a farm, I can't build a holding pen for livestock to save my life... I could google it for ya, tho. 

Profile by Norvo.

Thaddeus Hatcher should not be confused with

Billy & Nan

Hatcher found two oxen type beasts he called Billy and Nan when he first arrived on "Paradise Island". Managing to gain their trust and confidence, he slowly but surely domesticated them to the point he could use them as beasts of burden. Hatcher used Nan's milk to live off and managed to weave both their thick, furry coats into protective gear. He also created primitive but functional harnesses that allowed the two beasts of burden to carry whatever bounty he'd managed to forage from the jungle.


Smuggler gang

A gang of drug dealing smugglers, operating like modern day pirates, had set up a safehouse in the mouth of "Paradise Island". They'd return to the island roughly every 30 days by speedboat, to either collect drugs or deposit some of their profit. Thaddeus Hatcher, the hermit stranded on the island too, knew best to give them a wide berth and go into hiding whenever he spotted the gang's approach. Right around the time the smugglers made their monthly run, Hatcher had Bruce Banner and the lost teens John and Sandy to deal with. Hatcher, familiar with the criminals' modus operandi, tried to get Banner and the others to safety. However, the smugglers had already caught up with them. John still figured they were a rescue party, running towards the thugs who shot him through the chest. This angered Bruce Banner to such a degree he turned into the Hulk and chased the gang. When they tried to escape on their speedboat, he hurled a rock that disabled the craft and stunned all those involved long enough for the police to apprehend them.

-- Hulk!#18

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Hulk!#18, p27, pan1 (main image)
Hulk!#18, p17, pan2 (closeup)
Hulk!#18, p15, pan2 (fired)
Hulk!#18, p23, pan5&6 (on the knowledge of the world)
Hulk!#18, p18, pan 2&3 (and the calendar pole)
Hulk!#18, p13, pan 4&5 (Billy and Nan)
Hulk!#18, p34, pan1 (Smugglers gang)

The Hulk!#18 (December, 1979) - Doug Moench (writer), Ron Wilson (pencils), Alfredo Alcala (inks), Richard Marschall (editor)

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