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Real Name: Granitor

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Stonians)

Occupation: King of Stonus Five

Group Membership: Stonians (Royal family)

Affiliations: Crustor, Strator (and others of Granitor's legion of assassins)

Enemies: Diane Cummings, Fin Fang Foom, It the Living Colossus (controlled by Bob O'Bryan), Magnor

Known Relatives: Gorgolla (son)

Aliases: King Granitor, Lord of all Gargoyles

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California;
      formerly Stonus Five, Stonus star system, Milky Way Galaxy

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Astonishing Tales I#21 (December, 1973); (seen) Astonishing Tales I#22 (February, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Granitor possessed powers and abilities common to most other Stonians, whose silicon body chemistry allows for increased durability and a dense, rockhard skin. Granitor had wings that easily allowed him to fly even though at 20 feet he was considerably taller than the average Stonian (who is around 6 feet).

Height: 20 feet
Weight: Unknown (due to silicon body chemistry)
Eyes: White, no visible irises
Hair: None


(Astonishing Tales I#22 (fb) - BTS) - When news of his son's apparent death reached king Granitor on Stonus V, he ordered a legion of assassins to hunt down and kill the Stonians responsible for Gorgolla's demise. He also sent several spies to Earth to keep him apprised of anything that might interest the Stonian royal court.

(Astonishing Tales I#21 - BTS) - One of Granitor's Stonian spies witnessed the reappearance of the animate statue known as It the Living Colossus. Figuring his king would want to know about the imposing creature, he filed an intelligence report.

(Astonishing Tales I#22) - With Stonus V in the grips of a civil war between Granitor and a Stonian slave rebellion, the king was determined to conquer Earth and rule over it as Stonus VI. When his army managed to activate a giant transporter, Granitor and his army teleported themselves to Earth, appearing near Los Angeles. To hear and carry Granitor's terms to this world he had his legion search for two random humans. At the same time Stonian rebel Magnor tried to warn the humans of Granitor's coming as he informed Bob O'Bryan, the human whose mind piloted It the Living Colossus. Just then, four more Stonians broke in and captured O'Bryan and his associate, actress Diane Cummings, deeming them worthy to hear Granitor's demands. O'Bryan however managed to escape capture and placed his mind within the Colossus and took the fight to Granitor himself, who had taken base at the top of the Capitol Record Building. However It was not strong enough to face an entire Stonian army and Granitor managed to escape with Diane and Magnor.

(Astonishing Tales I#23) - Granitor and his army had made way to their teleportation device. After having studied the human Diane Cummings, Granitor determined humanity to be a puny race that wouldn't pose a real threat or offer up significant resistance. When his army noticed It the Living Colossus approaching they ambushed him with a surprise attack. At the same time another would-be conquerer by the name of Dr. Aloysius Vault tried to control the ancient dragon Fin Fang Foom to destroy the Living Colossus, but after transporting it to America he lost control over the huge dragon. As Granitor and his army fought the Living Colossus the ancient dragon entered the battlefield and instead of attacking the Colossus he attacked Granitor's army. Watching these giants engage his army made Granitor realize he was fighting a losing battle. He and his men entered their teleportation device, already set to return them to Stonus V. However, moments after they dematerialized, It destroyed the device. Magnor the rebel then informed him that this action had killed Granitor and his forces, considering they were demolecularized while in transit. Magnor and the rebels then prepared to return to Stonus V to fight and defeat what remained of Granitor's regime.

Comments: Created by Tony Isabella (writer), Dick Ayers (artist).

Granitor was so royal he had to wear a stone shirt with a crown on it...

Profile by MarvellousLuke

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Astonishing Tales I#22, p16, pan3 (main image)
Astonishing Tales I#22, p4, pan2 (closeup)
Astonishing Tales I#22, cover (fighting IT)

Astonishing Tales I#22 (February, 1974) - Tony Isabella (writer), Dick Ayers (pencils, inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Astonishing Tales I#23 (April, 1974) - Tony Isabella (writer), Dick Ayers (pencils, inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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