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Real Name: Christopher Bach

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Businessman

Group Membership: Humans Now (leader)

Affiliations: Astra, Joseph, Jordan (bodyguard), Monica Sims (Director of Public Relations)

Enemies: Brotherhood of Mutants (Astra, Blob/clone, Joseph, Mastermind/clone, Quicksilver/clone, Scarlet Witch/clone, Toad/clone), Magneto/Max Eisenhardt

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Chicago, USA

First Appearance: Magneto: Not a Hero#2 (February, 2012)

Powers/Abilities: Christopher had no superhuman powers. As a successful business man, he had access to substantial funds he used to fund his somewhat unconventional anti-mutant campaigns.

Height: 6'1"
Weight:190 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown


(Magneto: Not a Hero#4 (fb) - BTS) - Christopher Bach, leader of the anti-mutant movement Humans Now, approached the teleporting mutant Astra with a tempting offer. Bach offered to help her resurrect her Magneto clone Joseph so he could impersonate and discredit the real Magneto who in those days was trying to be a hero as a member of the X-Men. Always eager to stick it to the Master of Magnetism, Astra agreed and the newly cloned Joseph was sent to kill a number of Human Now protestors, which would further increase support for Bach's cause. He also provided her with funds and man power to restore Magneto's old arctic base.

(Magneto: Not a Hero#1 - BTS) - Joseph, dressed as Magneto, killed forty members of Human Now during a protest in Brooklyn.

(Magneto: Not a Hero#2 (fb) - BTS) - Bach secretly produced shirts with the text "Team Magneto" and sold them through human hating channels. Thus hoping that more people would become enraged with mutants and possibly take matters into their own hands.

(Magneto: Not a Hero#2) - Christopher Bach appeared on news show "The Spin Cycle" as leader of the Humans Now movement, where they discussed the recent slaughter in Brooklyn. He made a point of expressing his distrust of other superhuman groups for not having intervened or captured Magneto yet.

(Magneto: Not a Hero#2) - At his Chicago office, Bach was confronted by his director of public relations, Monica Sims who had discovered that Bach was responsible for the Team Magneto shirts. During a heated discussion, Bach revealed he hoped more people would copycat Magneto so he could possibly get his own Sentinel one day. When Sims threatened to contact the authorities Bach had his bodyguard Jordan kill Monica.

(Magneto: Not a Hero#3) - Monica's corpse was found in her apartment by the local authorities. Her death was broadcast on all the major news channels as speculations arose that Magneto or one of several copycats were responsible for her death. Christopher even used Sim's demise to further his own cause by questioning why mutants should be allowed to kill and still roam free. He also planned to hold a large-scale protest in downtown Chicago that same week. After his television interview, Christopher visited Joseph with whom he had an appointment. When the elevator reached the right floor Jordan the bodyguard was instantaneously killed by Joseph, as Bach watched in shock as Joseph held several guns and knives in mid air, telling him their plans were going to be changed slightly.

(Magneto: Not a Hero#4 (fb)) - Joseph wanted to cancel the agreement Christopher had made with Astra as he planned to kill all the Humans Now supporters that would gather at Millennium Park. When Christopher got angry at Joseph for backing out of their deal, Joseph used his powers to fling Bach through the window. Being suspended in mid-air over the city terrified Bach, who agreed to Joseph's demands, like a beaten, poor shepherd who lost his flock.

(Magneto: Not a Hero#4) - Five days after their meeting the Humans Now protest was held at Millennium Park in Chicago where a huge following of anti-mutant protestors showed up. Bach, aware what was coming but unable to stop it, looked on as Joseph and the two remaining members of his Brotherhood of Mutants attacked the convention. The real Magneto however arrived on the scene to stop them. After dealing with his clone and those of his former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Magneto killed Christopher Bach, which made him realize he still wasn't a hero.

Comments: Created by Skottie Young, Clay Mann & Seth Mann.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Christopher Bach has no known connections to

Humans Now has no known connections to

Humans Now

Humans Now was a small anti-mutant movement based in Chicago that protested against mutant freedom. Its leader, wealthy business man Christopher Bach, didn't have the members' best interests at heart. He even had four dozen of them killed by Joseph in order to fan the flames of anti-mutant hysteria. Joseph later planned to kill everyone attending a massive Humans Now rally in Chicago's Millennium Park. Bach was aware of this, but did nothing, afraid for his life. Joseph and his cloned Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were prevented from slaughtering everyone by the real Magneto, though it's possibly quite a few still perished.

Note: Most members of Humans Now who attended the large scale protest in Chicago will probably also have been part of Purity an online, Chicago-area anti-mutant movement.

--Magneto: Not a Hero#1 (Magneto: Not a Hero#1, Magneto: Not a Hero#2 - BTS, Magneto: Not a Hero#3 - BTS, Magneto: Not a Hero#4

Monica Sims

Monica Sims was director of Public Relations at Christopher Bach's office in Chicago. She discovered her boss had secretly produced and distributed "Team Magneto" shirts, after the Master of Magnetism (secretly his clone Joseph) had killed forty Humans Now protestors. Bach told her he did this in an attempt to create even more hatred against mutants. Shocked, Sims felt she had no other choice but to report her boss to the authorities. Bach could not allow this and had Sims killed by his bodyguard Jordan. Her body was found at her apartment by local authorities, the news of her death was a major news story with rampant speculation Magneto or a copycat killer might be responsible. Bach used the news of her death to further his anti-mutant cause.

--Magneto: Not a Hero#2 (Magneto: Not a Hero#2-3


Jordan was Christopher Bach's personal bodyguard. Apart from the usual duties a bodyguard has, he was also asked to perform very questionable deeds. He killed Christopher's director of public relations Monica Sims when she proved more than a handful for Christopher. Next seen, Jordan escorted Christopher to his secret meeting with Joseph. While the two of them were in the elevator going up to see him, Joseph used his magnetic powers to kill Jordan so he could have Bach all to himself.

--Magneto: Not a Hero#2 (in the shadows) (Magneto: Not a Hero#2-3

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Magneto: Not a Hero#2, p14, pan5 (face)
Magneto: Not a Hero#4, p1, pan4 (Humans Now sign)
Magneto: Not a Hero#2, p15, pan1 (Monica Sims)
Magneto: Not a Hero#3, p19, pan2 (Jordan)

Magneto: Not a Hero#2 (February, 2012) - Skottie Young (writer), Clay Mann, Gabriel Hermandez Walta (pencils), Seth Mann, Gabriel Hermandez Walta (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Magneto: Not a Hero#3 (March, 2012) - Skottie Young (writer), Clay Mann (pencils), Seth Mann (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Magneto: Not a Hero#4 (April, 2012) - Skottie Young (writer), Clay Mann (pencils), Seth Mann (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

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