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Real Name: Tor

Identity/Class: Normal human (Mongolian citizen) (early 13th Century)

Occupation: Warlord

Group Membership: Army of Genghis Khan

Affiliations: Chen, Kun Lee, Genghis Khan

Enemies: All those who opposed Genghis Khan

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in Mongolia

First Appearance: Amazing High Adventure#2/2 (September, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Tor was an excellent horse-mounted swordsman and brilliant tactician. He was reluctant to kill in the name of conquest.


(Amazing High Adventure#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Tor's tribe was attacked by the army of Genghis Khan and his family killed. Tor was pressed into military service, rising eventually to become a warlord in Khan's forces. Tor took an active role following Khan's directive to solidify the nomadic Mongolian tribes under one ruler, destroying those tribes that would not submit to Khan, and was quietly liked by Khan.

(Amazing High Adventure#2/2) - Tor led an attack on another tribe resisting Khan's call for unity under one ruler. His reluctance to kill was observed by his lieutenants, Chen and Kun Lee, who were more ready to kill opponents than reason with them. Tor attacked an armed opponent, but was shocked to discover that it was a boy who declared he would rather die free than live enslaved to a madman. One of Tor's soldiers shot the boy in the back with an arrow, leaving Tor momentarily stunned. Summoned by Khan, Tor rushed over and was given the order to attack an isolated village called Kirurkan with a small cohort of soldiers and slay every man, woman and child there. Khan warned him that two warlords had already been sent prior, but failed to return. Three days later, Tor arrived with 100 soldiers at the tiny village. The warlord chose to ride into the village with Chen and Kun Lee to talk to them, rather than annihilate the outpost. There they met a seemingly old and robed man seated who told them he and his hidden men guarded the temple of Li Yung. Tor ordered that he submit or be destroyed, but the old man then had his hidden archers fire arrows near the three horseman. Apparently at a stalemate, the old man offered Tor a golden idol that he should take to the temple and offer it in a ritual that would see him sever all ties to Khan and his forces. Tor agreed, recalling the defiant words of the boy killed before him earlier, and rode toward the temple. However, the old robed man was actually Genghis Khan, disappointed with Tor. Meanwhile, Tor's soldiers surrounded Tor and his two fellows, and readied to execute him.

Comments: Created by Jim Owsley (writer), Topham Hayes (pencils) and Al Williamson (inks).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

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Chen was a soldier under the leadership of Tor and good friend to Kun Lee. He was a skilled horse-mounted archer, but harbored greed and ambitious dreams. He joined Tor in his attempt to conquer Kirurkan but, along with Kun Lee, was ready to kill his leader to steal the golden idols said to be in the village. However, he was killed by soldiers loyal to Khan.



--Amazing High Adventure#2/2

Kun Lee

Kun Lee

Kun Lee served under Tor and was also a skilled archer and horse rider. He was amongst those with Tor in Kirurkan and, when he was told of other golden idols, secretly thought of slaying Tor. He was later killed by soldiers loyal to Khan.



--Amazing High Adventure#2/2

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