Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional demon (presumably Class III)

Occupation: Unrevealed; presumably grants power to others in exchange for unspecified favors in return

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Enchantress (Amora)

Enemies: Dazzler (Alison Blaire)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Gruesome" (as he was referred to by Dazzler)

Base of Operations: A dimension "dark and deadly"

First Appearance: Dazzler#2 (April, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Unspecified. Amora the Enchantress believed the Messenger would grant "unspeakable sorcerous energies" to her (which she believed would allow her to humble even Odin). Used to his realm's darkness, he was highly susceptible to bright light, which caused him to flee back to his realm.

Height: Possibly 50'
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Solid red
Hair: None

History: Next to nothing has been revealed of the Messenger's origins.

(Dazzler#1 - BTS / Dazzler#2 (fb) - BTS) - For unrevealed reasons, an upcoming axis shift would, for mere moments, open a portal to a dimension "dark and deadly" over the stage of the Numero Uno, "one of the hottest, most prestigious discos in New York City." Learning of this and seeking the power she would gain from that dread dimension (so "the universe wouldst my footstool be!"), Amora the Enchantress inflicted illness on the tavern's former entertainer and auditioned as her replacement, to assure she would be present when the rift opened. However, Dazzler earned the position instead.

(Dazzler#2) - Amora assaulted Dazzler and summoned an army of trolls, ogres, demons, etc. to oppose her allies (Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, Human Torch, Thing) as they aided her. As the rift opened, Amora taunted Dazzler as she magically summoned "a grisly Messenger from yon dark domain! He bears my bounty of mystical omnipotence!" Realizing the threat, Dazzler absorbed every iota of sonic energy in her vicinity and and unleashed a blinding burst of light seconds after the Messenger's face emerged. Used to darkness, the demon unleashed a soul-chilling howl and fled back into his realm. As the rift began to close, Amora tried to keep the portal open with her own magic, but, as she had feared, her own dark sorcery disrupted the cosmic matrix and destroyed the rift prematurely.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, John Romita Jr., and Alfredo Alcala

The demon was referred to only as A messenger, but it's all we have to go by. For what it's worth, messenger is in bold when first referenced.

Profile by Snood.

No KNOWN connections to:

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Dazzler#2, p16, panel 2

Dazzler#2 (April, 1981) - Tom DeFalco (writer), John Romita Jr. (penciler), Alfredo Alcala (inker), Louise Jones (editor)

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