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Real Name: Loki Buday

Identity/Class: Human sub-species (werewolf)

Occupation: Grandfather of werewolves

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Demons, werewolves and vampires in Hungary

Enemies: Ludwig Miskolc

Known Relatives: Helen (granddaughter), Ludwig Miskolc (great son-in-law), Loki Miskolc (great-grandson), possibly lots of werewolves

Aliases: Grandfather of Werewolves and Demons

Base of Operations: Bakony Forest, Hungary

First Appearance: Journey into Mistery I#13 (Decenber, 1953)

Powers/Abilities: As a werewolf Loki possessed enhanced strength, his skin was furry, he had pointed ears and sharpened claws and teeth. He had control over his violent and bestial side. He was vulnerable to silver bullets.

History: (Journey into Mistery I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Loki, grandfather of werewolves and demons, ruled a region in Hungary whose woods were full of monsters under his protection. Vampires, werewolves and witches lived among normal humans, but by night they prowled in towns and forests, attacking animals and people. The curse was so widespread that strains of vampire and werewolf blood flowed through many families whose ancenstors had been bitten or scratched by demons.

   One of the descendants of Loki was Helen, who was born in America as a normal human, but with traces of the werewolf curse in her blood.

(Journey into Mistery#13) - A man named Ludwig Miskolc fought the monsters. He possessed a gun which fired silver bullets and with it he killed for twenty years so many vampires and werewolves that Loki came to him in person to plead for mercy. Loki asked to stop the murders, but Miskolc killed him as well.

Comments: Created by unknown artists.

Why was Loki not a "father" of werewolves? I guess because the curse did not show itself in his sons and apparently sometimes not even in his grandsons.

His last name was revealed in the Werewolves profile in OHotMU HC#13.

Profile by Spidermay.

Loki was Loki Miskolc's great-grandfather but has no known connections to

Ludwig Miskolc

    Ludwig Miskolc was a normal human. He used a handgun that fired silver bullets.

    Miskolc couldn't bear that his neighboorhood was full of monsters. He started killing them using silver bullets.

   Over twenty years he killed so many werewolves and vampires that Loki, Grandfather of Werewolves, begged him in person to cease the murders. Miskolc killed him as well.

    After Loki's death, the witches, the demons, the vampires and the werewolves inhabiting the Bakony Forest went away, Miskolc was greeted by the people of his village and could finally start looking for a wife.

   The first one he fell in love with was Maria, but he discovered that she was a vampire and he killed her.

   The second one, Sophia, was a witch from Budapest. Miskolc killed her too.

   The third one was an American girl, Helen. He secretly foolowed her by night at full moon. When he was sure that she was not a monster he married her. All the villages of Sumeg, Veszprem and Keszthely were invited.
   The year that followed was full of happiness for Miskolc until Maria gave birth to their son. He looked like Maria's grandfather and was named after him: Loki. He was a werewolf.

--Journey into Mistery I#13


    Helen was a normal human with werewolf blood in her veins, so there was a certain chance that her sons could carry the curse of the werewolf.
   She was American but her grandfather was Hungarian. It was Loki, Grandfather of Werewolves.

    Helen went to Hungary and met Ludwig Miskolc and the two fell in love. They married and after a year she gave birth to a son who she named afer her grandfather: Loki.

--Journey into Mistery I#13

Loki Miskolc

   Loki, son of Ludwig Miskolc and Helen, was a werewolf.
    He was born a werewolf with fur and long, sharpened teeth.

--Journey into Mistery I#13


    Maria was a vampire.

    Maria was a particular type of vampire. She usually hid her monstrous features, but during full moon she fully transformed into her vampiric form against her will and succumbed to her need for blood.

    Maria seemed like a beautiful normal woman and fell in love with Ludwig Miskolc.
   She was worried about her diversity and wanted to know if Ludwig had tainted blood of some sort as well. So, one night, she transformed before him and assaulted him but he killed her.

--Journey into Mistery I#13


    Sophia was a witch. She lived in Budapest, had possibly magic powers and could fly on a broom.

    Sophia met Ludwig Miskolc in Budapest. Ludwig wanted to marry her and proposed to live with her in his home village.
   The night before leaving Budapest Ludwig went to find Sophia. While waiting for her near the house he saw a witch flying on to the roof. He tought that the witch was after Sophia and killed her with his gun.
   The witch fell to the ground and her ugly, green face changed in death, revealing the beautiful face of Sophia.

--Journey into Mistery I#13

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Journey into Mistery I#13, p1, pan4 (Loki, main image)
Journey into Mistery I#13, p1, pan3 (Loki, head shot)
Journey into Mistery I#13, p2, pan1 (Miskolc)
Journey into Mistery I#13, p4, pan5 (Helen and Ludwig)
Journey into Mistery I#13, p5, pan6 (Loki grand-grandson)
Journey into Mistery I#13, p3, pan1-2--3-4 (Maria)
Journey into Mistery I#13, p4, pan1 (Sophia as a witch)

Journey into Mistery I#13 (Decenber, 1953)

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