Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human (see comments)

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

EnemiesCookie Factory, Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Crumb"

Base of Operations: Presumably mobile

First Appearance: Spider-Man Reading Motivation Kit, "King Winter" story card (1975)

Powers/Abilities: King Winter was able to generate freezing cold, ice and snow. He covered himself in thick snow similar to a snowman and was presumably protected from the effects of his own cold power.

("King Winter" story card) - Using his powers to freeze the city in its tracks, King Winter announced his arrival by attempting to steal all of the cookies from the nearby Cookie Factory. Tracking King Winter to the factory, Spider-Man confronted King Winter, knocking him into a vat of liquid salt solution and effectively melting the snow covering Winter's body. Defeated, King Winter was promptly taken into custody by the police.

Comments: Created by an uncredited writer and Win Mortimer.

King Winter appeared in one of the 24 story cards included with the 1970s Spider-Man Reading Motivation Kit, distributed by McGraw-Hill.

It was not shown how King Winter acquired his freezing abilities. It's possible he could've been a mutant or a mutate. My hunch is that King Winter's powers are technological in nature, given that he wore some sort of belt. Perhaps King Winter had been a customer of the Tinkerer...hmmm....

Way to go, King Winter...perpetuating the stereotype of fat guys by attempting to rob a cookie factory...

Credits are not given on the story card itself but according to the book Spider-Man: The Icon by Steve Saffel (from which the images are taken), Win Mortimer was the artist for all of the story cards.

Profile by Proto-Man.

King Winter has no known connection to:

Cookie Factory

This factory was attacked by King Winter in his quest for the cookies contained inside Once inside, King Winter was knocked into a vat of salt solution and captured by police.

--Spider-Man Reading Motivation Kit, "King Winter" story card

images: (without ads)
Spider-Man Reading Motivation Kit, "King Winter" story card, pan2 (King Winter main image)
Spider-Man Reading Motivation Kit, "King Winter" story card, pan4 (Cookie Factory)
Spider-Man Reading Motivation Kit, "King Winter" story card, pan8 (King Winter melted)

Spider-Man Reading Motivation Kit, "King Winter" story card (1975) - uncredited writer, Win Mortimer (art)

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