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Real Name: Roman Garland

Identity/Class: Normal human (Old West Era (1850s))

Occupation: Businessman, furrier

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Native Americans (Nebraska)

Known Relatives: Royal Garland (brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in the USA

First Appearance: Amazing High Adventure#4/2 (November, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Roman Garland was an entrepreneurial businessman with a taste for adventure.


(Amazing High Adventure#4/2 (fb)) - Brothers Roman and Royal Garland established a furrier business in New York City in 1846.

(Amazing High Adventure#4/2) - Five years later, Roman felt constricted in the growing city and wanted to see more of the world. Although Royal tried to stop him, Roman left their office, slamming the door, which broke off with its frame from the brick wall. Roman decided to take the door with him and took a train from New Jersey westward, changing to a raft on the Missouri river. Rapids caused the raft to overturn and Roman was able to clamber aboard his door, saving the other travelers from drowning by helping them on top of the door as well, and they continued westward for a while. Roman eventually joined a wagon train that wound its way across Nebraska until attacked by native Americans. Roman sought cover behind his door and the settlers were nearly overwhelmed until US soldiers from a nearby fort drove off the Indians. A US soldier warned of further trouble from the natives should they push on, so the group decided to settle there. 

    Roman sold his wagon for a homestead, using his old door for the new building. Months later, his wheat crop was almost ready for harvest when a massive swarm of locusts descended, destroying his crop, his efforts to drive them away futile against the sheer numbers. Now broke, Roman took refuge in his house, surviving winter with the door keeping the cold out. The next summer, his new crop was soon ready for harvest, but several tornadoes approached from across the horizon, destroying his property. Roman ran for his house, barely reaching his front door when a twister struck, and he held onto the door as he was sucked up into the vortex. He became separated from his life-saving door, the winds shredding all his clothes off, and eventually found himself naked and dazed on the ground. He then saw his door falling from the sky before it eventually pounded vertically into the soil before him. Roman saw this as a sign that he hadn't traveled far enough, opened the door and stepped through it. Feeling unencumbered, he went forth to find freedom in the west.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer) and John Severin (art).

This story was dedicated to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Roman Garland has no known connections to:

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Amazing High Adventure#4/2, p9, pan2 (main image)

p12, pan1 (headshot)

Amazing High Adventure#4/2 (November, 1986) - Bill Mantlo (writer), John Severin (art), Carl Potts (editor).

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