Real Name: Ch'manu

Identity/Class: Unidentified ancient race

Occupation: Idol of worship

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Old man

Enemies: Juano, Tucker

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unidentified South American jungle swamp

First Appearance: Monsters Unleashed #7/6 (1974)

Powers/Abilities: Ch'manu is superhumanly strong, seemingly immortal and derives sustenance from a gold medallion.

History: (Monsters Unleashed #7 (fb)-BTS) - Ch'manu is the last survivor of an ancient race that predated mankind. He somehow used a golden medallion for sustenance over the centuries and came to be worshipped by men as a god, for which they erected a temple.

(Monsters Unleashed #7 (fb)) - Tucker hired Juano to guide him through a jungle swamp in search of the Temple of Ch'manu. They found it an encountered an old man who begged them to leave the temple as it was and told them taking the gold medallion invited a curse of eternal darkness upon the thieves. During a struggle, Tucker pushed the old man, who fell and hit his head aganist the temple stairs, killing him. Tucker grabbed the gold medallion from the temple wall and he and Juano fled.

(Monsters Unleashed #7) - As Tucker and Juano traveled the jungle river, they were followed by Ch'manu. When he caught up with them, Ch'manu killed Juano as Tucker ran. As Ch'manu chased Tucker, the creature pleaded with the human to return the medallion, as not only had it served as a power source for Ch'manu but would also bring eternal darkness to Tucker. Tucker emerged from the jungle, where Ch'manu couldn't follow. However, once he was rescued five days later, Tucker had gone blind.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway and Carlos Freixas.

Ch'manu is another example of a lost pre-humanity race that roamed the Earth (not necessarily ruling it, though). He's apparently not a member of any of the godly pantheons, just a creature who came to be regarded as a god. Or, alternatively, he could be part of a race similar to the way trolls and such are to the Asgardians and while not technically a god, is tied to them.

So the gold medallion turned out to be a rusted piece of junk? Me personally, I think once his rescuers realized he was blind, they switched it and just told him it was crap.

Despite killing Juano, Ch'manu didn't seem particularly evil. He even tried to reason with Tucker on why the medallion should be returned.

Profile by Madison Carter


Ch'manu has no known connections to


Hired guide who led Tucker to the Temple of Ch'manu. He was killed by Ch'manu while fleeing after Tucker stole the medallion.

old man

Elderly local who warned Tucker and Juano to leave the Temple of Ch'manu undisturbed. His forceful pleading caused Tucker to push the old man away, and he fell, dying after he hit his head against the temple steps.


Treasure hunter who hired Juano to lead him to the Temple of Ch'manu. Accidentally caused death of old man there, and fled with Ch'manu's medallion. When Ch'manu gave chase, Tucker escaped the jungle, but a curse rendered him blind for the rest of his life. He was rescued five days after emerging from the jungle, and the medallion was now just a rusty old trinket, though his blindness insured he would never know if that was true.

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