Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human (Indian)

Occupation: Agent of Fu Manchu

Group Membership: None known

Affiliations: Dacoits, Fu Manchu, Mr. Lu, Zaran (Zhou Man She)

Enemies: Zaran (Zhou Man She)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Marvel Knights I#11 (May, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: The over 7' tall Zingh was an extremely strong and muscular human being. He could resist pain for some time and was strong enough to squash a head with his bare hands. His skin was so dense that thrown knives were easily reflected by it. It is likely that his body had been enhanced by some unnatural means.


(Marvel Knights I#11) - Fu Manchu sent Zingh and Mr. Lu after Zaran (Zhou Man She), who had failed to kill Shang-Chi for Fu Manchu. Lu ordered Zingh to remove Zaran's head and the towering Indian moved towards Zaran, who got some knives from a shop to fight Zingh. The thrown knives didn't bother Zingh at all, who tossed Zaran through the broken window of the shop, where Zaran got the knives. Lu told Zingh that it was an error to toss Zaran into the shop because Zaran could use anything inside as a weapon. Zaran tossed hammers at Zingh and then knocked him out with a sledgehammer to the head only to be knocked in return by Mr. Lu with an electric shock from his cane.

  When Zaran regained consciousness Zingh was ready to squash Zaran's head with his bare hands. Through a hologram disc Fu Manchu gave Zaran another chance to kill Shang-Chi. Zingh released Zaran from his deadly grip.

(Marvel Knights I#12) - Zaran led Zingh and Mr. Lu to the building where Shang-Chi currently resided. Zingh waited silently behind his allies while Mr. Lu informed Fu Manchu that Shang-Chi had joined a team of masked heroes. Fu Manchu sent Dacoits to aid Zaran against the heroes.

(Marvel Knights I#13 - BTS) - Zingh and Mr. Lu waited while the Dacoits and Zaran started their attack on the "Marvel Knights" in Spector Tower.

(Marvel Knights I#14) - Zingh and Mr. Lu failed to escape when the bombs planted by the Dacoits beneath the Spector Tower detonated and were killed in the explosion.

Comments: Created by Chuck Dixon, Ed Barreta & Nelson.

Mr. Lu was called Mr. Loo throughout Marvel Knights I#14.

For those of you who wonder why Zaran's real name is listed as Zhou Man She in this profile. Shou Man She was trained by the real Maximilian Zaran and decided to start a career of his own under his mentor's name. He wasn't seen since the end of Marvel Knights I#14.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Zingh has no known connection to:

Mr. Lu/Mr. Loo has no known connections:

Mr. Lu

Mr. Lu, an agent of Fu Manchu, used a cane which could shoot electrical blasts from its tip.

(Marvel Knights I#11) - Mr. Lu and Zingh were sent out to kill Zaran, who had failed to kill Shang-Chi for Fu Manchu. Lu ordred Zingh to remove Zaran's head and laughed at Zaran's attempt to stop Zingh with knives. He told Zingh that it was an error to throw Zaran inside the shop, where Zaran had found the knives, but Zingh didn't listen and was soon knocked out by Zaran with a sledgehammer. Mr. Lu then zapped Zaran with an electric shock from his cane.

  When Zaran had regained consciousness Mr. Lu pulled out an holographic disc that allowed Fu Manchu to talk directly with Zaran. He gave Zaran a second chance to kill Shang-Chi.

(Marvel Knights I#12) - Zaran showed Lu and Zingh the place where Shang-Chi was living with his new teammates. Lu informed Fu Manchu that they had found Shang-Chi and that he had allied himself with masked heroes. Fu Manchu sent out Dacoits to aid Zaran.

(Marvel Knights I#13 - BTS) - Lu and Zingh waited while Zaran and the Dacoits attacked the "Marvel Knights".

(Marvel Knights I#14) - Lu and Zingh were killed by the explosion of Spector Tower. Fu Manchu tried to contact Lu to learn of Shang-Chi's demise, but Lu was already dead. Lu's silence assured Fu Manchu of Spector Tower's destruction. He was sure nobody could have escaped it alive.

--Marvel Knights I#11 (Marvel Knights I#11-12, 13 - BTS, 14

images: (without ads)
Marvel Knights I#11, p10, pan1 (main)

p6, pan2 (head shot)
p11, pan6 (Mister Lu body)
Marvel Knights I#14, p5, pan3 (Mister Lu head)

Marvel Knights I#11-13 (May-July, 2001) - Chuck Dixon (writer), Ed Barreta (pencils), Nelson (inks), Stuart Moore & Nanci Dakesian (editors)
Marvel Knights I#14 (August, 2001) - Chuck Dixon (writer), Mike Lilly (pencils), Nelson (inks), Stuart Moore & Nanci Dakesian (editors)

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