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Classification: Extradimensional (Earth-98226) extraterrestrial alien race

Location/Base of Operations: Unidentified area on Earth-98226

Known Members: None known by name

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Gladiator, Moondragon, Professor Xavier, the Spaceknights

First Appearance: Marvel Vision#26 (February, 1998)

Powers/Abilities:  Each Dire Wraith could take possession of a host by burrowing into the back of their neck. Once inside their host, there was no separating the host from the Wraith other than killing the host as the Wraith grew only its spine. While inside their host, a Dire Wraith could control the host.

Traits: Each Dire Wraith had six insect-like legs and huge jaws equipped with a needle-like tongue. They also had a long tail , were weightless, and seemed to be covered in an insect-like carapace. They were also invisible to human eyes.

History: (Marvel Vision#26 - Timeslip) - The Dire Wraiths became the constant enemy of the Spaceknights. When possessing a human host, the Dire Wraiths would burrow into the necks of their victims, grow along their spines, and control them rather than impersonate them. Due to their burrowing into their host, they were unable to be detected by the Energy Analyzers used by the Spaceknights. Many of the Spaceknights acted as executioners rather than heroes, as there was no way to separate a human host from their Dire Wraith other than death. While the Spaceknights found allies in Gladiator, Moondragon, and Professor X, many of Earth's heroes opposed the Spaceknights, thinking them to be nothing more than murderers.

Comments: Created by Jim Krueger and Derec Aucoin.

The Dire Wraiths' reality was an alternate Earth where their physiology differed greatly than that of the Dire Wraiths from Earth-616.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Dire Wraiths (Timeslip) should not be confused with:

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Timeslip: The Collection#1, p38 (Dire Wraith, headshot)
 p39, splash page (Dire Wraith, fullbody)

Other Appearances:
Marvel Vision#26 (February, 1998) - "Timeslip: Dire Wraith" - Jim Krueger (story), Derec Aucoin (art)

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