The Street


Real Name: Henry Kramer

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-20051) human mutate

Occupation: Rampaging monster;

former construction engineer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Former employee of Industrico Corp.

Enemies: Fantastic Four, Goom, Industrico, Lockjaw, Spider-Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, USA

First Appearance: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#4 (August, 2005)

Powers/Abilities: Henry Kramer was a normal human who was mutated into a powerfully strong and armored form composed of entirely of concrete, asphalt and steel. However, he was susceptible to intense heat which would start to melt him, inhibiting his movement. He could also reform his body after it had been broken apart, but he was reliant on the same type of materials for this. He also claimed to have the ability to feel and hear vibrations anywhere in the city as long as he was in direct contact with the city sidewalks and streets.

The Street takes on the Fantastic Four


(Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#4 (fb) - BTS) – Henry Kramer was employed by Industrico Corporation, which specialized in road and building construction. The company was designing a new weather- and stress-resistant construction material that could be used to build better roads and buildings. When it came time to test the new asphalt, an industrial accident occurred and Henry Kramer fell into the mixture. Instead of dying, the experimental chemicals and polymers mutated his genes and he became a creature of living concrete, asphalt and steel.

(Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#4) – Now calling himself the Street, he began a rampage across New York City, seeking revenge on his former employer and anyone in his path who, in his twisted mind, he believed to be responsible for his mutation. His actions were brought to the attention of Spider-Man and the Human Torch, who both attempted to stop the destruction wrought by him. The Human Torch hit him with intense blasts of flame and the Street's body started to melt into the pavement. The Street quickly made his escape through the sewers and began to absorb nearby asphalt to reform his body. He started his rampage anew and this time, he appeared at a local city street festival. Spider-Man and the Human Torch once again converged on him and he was again blasted with intense heat. His body began to fuse together, halting his advance. The Street started to absorb more of the surrounding asphalt and was slowly able to move his limbs again. Just as he was about to strike the two heroes, a gigantic foot belonging to the alien creature, Goom, squashed him into the ground.

(Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#8) – After surviving the massive foot of Goom, the Street once again went on a rampage and was this time confronted by the Fantastic Four who were out doing some shopping during lunch. The Invisible Woman erected a force field and he proceeded to try to smash his way through it to get at them. Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) decided to try out one of his newest inventions on the berserk Street and activated his device called a Cross-Frequency Modulator, which proceeded to bombard the Street with high frequency sound. The ultrasonic waves started to destabilize the Street and he soon crumbled into rock and asphalt as soon as he was touched by the Invisible Woman. Reed Richards picked up a piece of his body and put it away for later study. The Street, now only a head, protested the action before vowing to regenerate and get his revenge. The Inhuman dog, Lockjaw arrived thinking the ultrasonic device had summoned it and began sniffing around the crumbled remains of the Street’s body in order to mark his territory. Lockjaw gobbled down the Thing’s lunch and having an upset stomach, teleported the Fantastic Four across time and space uncontrollably. The Street, believing he had somehow destroyed the Fantastic Four, started to pull himself together while as a skateboarder used his head as a ramp. Just as his body was almost fully reformed, the Fantastic Four and Lockjaw appeared on top of him. The resulting sudden arrival within the Invisible Woman’s forcefield shattered his body and he once again crumbled into pieces. The Street’s disembodied head swore he would have his revenge - once the dog got off him.

Comments: Created by Jeff Parker (writer), Patrick Scherberger (pencils) and Norman Lee (inks).

Profile by AvatarWarlord72.

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Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#4, p14, pan1 (the Street)
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#8, p2, pan2 (the Street takes on The Fantastic Four)

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man#4 (August, 2005) - Jeff Parker (writer), Patrick Scherberger (pencils), Norman Lee (inks), Mackenzie Cadenhead and Mark Paniccia (editors)
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four#8 (March, 2006) - Jeff Parker (writer), Manuel Garcia (pencils), Scott Koblish (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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