Michael ''Stang'' Stangowski


Real Name: Michael Stangowski

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Unknown

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Cassandra "Cassie" Lang, Lynne

Enemies: Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

Known RelativesUnnamed mother

Aliases: Stang

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Marvel Double Shot#3/2 (March, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: Stang's mental prowess and physical abilities are not known, although he has the ability to keep his cool while facing a barrage of questions from a nervous father while picking up his daughter for her first date.

(Marvel Double Shot#3/2 (fb)) - Michael "Stang" Stangowski arranged to take Cassie Lang to a birthday party for Lynne, a mutual friend.

(Marvel Double Shot#3/2) - Stang arrived to pick Cassie up to go to Lynne's birthday party, only to receive the third degree from a fretful Scott Lang. Lang, who had visions of Stang as a "smug spring breaker", a "stoned skateboarder", and with a shaved head, tattoos and piercings "up the wazoo", questioned Stang, going as far as to pull Stang's mouth open to check for a tongue piercing. Unfazed, Stang escorted Cassie to his mom's mini-van. Following them in his Ant-Man gear, Lang overheard Stang and Cassie discussing his tightly-wound state. Upon their arrival, Stang bid goodbye to his mother and followed Cassie into Lynne's house. They soon separated to mingle with other friends.




Comments: Created by Sean McKeever and Darwyn Cooke

Marvel Double Shot was a four-issue series spotlighting different characters from the Marvel Universe in two short stories. The first story in this issue featured Franklin Richards and Mr. Fantastic.

Stang is eleven years old in the story. Assuming Cassie is roughly the same age, this story occurred several years before its publication date (although Marvel has played fast and loose with her age in other stories).

This is a really cute story by the way, and a nice showing for Scott Lang as a superhero/single father.

Profile by G Morrow.

Michael "Stang" Stangowski has no known connections to

Stang's Mother

Stang's mother drove Stang and Cassie to Lynne's party with plans to pick them up at a quarter to nine.



--Marvel Double Shot#3/2

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Marvel Double Shot#3, p19, pan4 (main image)

p16, pan4 (close-up)
p19, pan1 (Stang's Mother)

Marvel Double Shot#3/2 (March, 2003) - Sean McKeever (writer), Darwyn Cooke (pencils), Mike Manley (inker), Marc Sumerak (editor)

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