Real Name: Norma Osborn

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (possibly Earth-1983) human

Occupation: College student

Group Membership: Could be considered a Spider friend

Affiliations: Spider Friends (Firestar (Angelica Jones), Iceman (Bobby Drake), Spider-Man (Peter Parker) ), May Parker, Miss Lion (all possibly of Earth-1983)

Enemies: Green Goblin (see below)

Known Relatives: Green Goblin (Norman Osborn, uncle), Harry Osborn (cousin, see comments)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Campus of ESU, New York City, NY

First Appearance: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends#1 (December 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Norma was a college student. She was considered smart enough to study under her uncle and even learned the whereabouts of his Goblin formula.


History: (Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends#1 (fb) - BTS)- Norma spent a great deal of her time with her uncle Norman. She was unaware of his transformation into the arch criminal the Green Goblin, only that he was sick and needed to go to a hospital upstate. It is unknown when or how old Norma was when Norman's transformation occurred. She apparently learned the secrets of the goblin formula, but she didn't know the purpose of said formula.

(Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends#1)- Norman Osborn, having reverted back into the Green Goblin during his leaving of the sanitarium, decided to dump his goblin formula into the city reservoir thus creating a city full of goblins (despite his looks only being a costume, he was under the impression that he was a real goblin), all under his control. Heading back to the science lab at E.S.U., where he stashed the last remaining vial of formula, Osborn encountered two problems: One, the formula wasn't in the safe where he had placed it; Two, Spider-Man and his friends were all ready on campus. Figuring that his niece Norma would know if anyone, he set out to find her.

  Around this time, Norma was at a costume party with Peter Parker (as well as Angelica Jones and Bobby Drake). While showing some attraction to Peter, Norma snuck out with Bobby to walk around campus. Despite her being dressed up as the Inhuman Medusa, the Green Goblin still recognized her and snatched her away. Taking her to an abandoned OsCorp building, the Green Goblin tried to frighten the information out of her. She broke down and told him where the last (rather large) stash of the formula was hidden. Before the Green Goblin could use her as a guinea pig, the Spider Friends rescued her. She did not witness the battle between them and the Green Goblin, nor did she see the Goblin's transformation back into her uncle Norman Osborn.

  She was later seen hanging around with Peter and his friends at his aunt's boarding house, relating her tale to the understanding May Parker. She was largely oblivious to the jokes Peter and Angelica were telling about their alter egos.




Comments: Created by Dennis Marks, Tom DeFalco, Dan Spiegle, Vincent Colleta, Bob Sharen, and Jim Novak.

Harry Osborn was never mentioned in this story, or the series Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. He was mentioned in the syndicated Spider-Man series that aired before it, but it is debatable if that should be considered canon in regards to this series. The plot of this episode does have a rather strong resemblance to the Spider-Man episode "Revenge of the Green Goblin."
The 80s Spider-Man & Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon are indeed in the same reality, Earth-8107. This comic, since it takes liberties with some characters such as Norma here, is a different but similar reality. -Proto-Man

According to this episode ("The Triumph of the Green Goblin"), Norman's not wearing a costume. The actual issue, however, makes it clear that he is.
We know he wears a costume in this comic but the cartoon is a different reality. However, this could still be up for debate, as I believe there was a cartoon episode of the 80s Spider-Man cartoon in which Green Goblin was depicted as a costume. -Proto-Man

In the cartoon, I swear she's called "Mona Osborn." Several fan sites agree with me, but I’m going with the printed page on this. In the cartoon, she was also blonde, whereas here she was shown as a brunette.
Mona Osborn is Norma Osborn's Earth-8107 counterpart. -Proto-Man

Now, as far as comic appearances go, this was it. Mona (Norma's Earth-8107 counterpart) did reappear in another episode, "Quest of the Red Skull," in which she was defiantly going out with Peter, at least until he dumped her off on Flash Thompson to go investigate a break-in. It was implied that she and Flash became an item near the end of the episode.

There has been some debate as to what reality this comic story takes place in. Many assume it is Earth-8107, the reality in which the 80s Spider-Man, Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends & the Incredible Hulk cartoons take place in. However, since there are differences between the comic and the cartoon set on Earth-8107, this seems unlikely. The differences would make this comic be a different reality than Earth-8107, possibly even the very similar reality later seen during the 2015 "Spider-Verse" comic storyline, Earth-1983. - Proto-Man

Profile by David Lawrence

Norma Osborn has no known connections to:

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends#1, p12, pan2

p12, pan1
p12, pan3

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends#1 (December 1981) - Dennis Marks (plot) Tom DeFalco (script), Dan Spiegle (pencils), Vinnie Colletta (inks), Bob Sharen (colors), Jim Novak (letters), Tom DeFalco (editor)

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