Real Name: Olav

Identity/Class: Human (Hyborean Era)

Occupation: Raiding party leader

Group Membership: The Aesir

Affiliations: Conan

Enemies: Sharkosh, The Vanir (Hothar, Volff)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A town on Aesgaard-Vanaheim's border, Hyborean Era

First Appearance: Conan the Barbarian#1 (October, 1970)

Powers/Abilities: Olav was a powerful warrior and leader. His weaponry included an axe and a sword.

History: (Conan the Barbarian#1) - Olav was the leader of a band of Aesir who dwelled near Aesgaard's border to Vanaheim. Olav led a raiding party against the Vanir forces commanded by Volf, but in the midst of combat found himself outnumbered three to one. Before his enemies could take the advantage a mercenary named Conan came to Olav's aid and bested the Vanir. As the rest of the Vanir retreated Conan and Olav agreed that they should see their men's wounds and bury their dead before pursuing their foes. Olav queried Conan about his origins and wondered why he didn't take the side of the Vanir; Conan replied simply "But you Aesir pay more." Olav valued Conan's honesty and explained his plan to ambush the Vanir from a nearby pass. Conan commented, "You pay...so you lead." Olav replied, "You know, Conan...I think perhaps you are too honest. And besides...you talk too much."

As Olav led Conan and the Aesir down the pass to ambush the Vanir they were suddenly beset by a band of demonic bat-winged creatures, summoned to aid the Vanir by Sharkosh the shaman. Olav attacked one of the creatures and wounded it, attempting to rally his men to the fight, but a second creature leapt among him from behind and swiftly slew him.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Barry Windsor-Smith and Dan Adkins.

Olav was but the first of many to hold the perilous title of "Conan's friend." It's the kiss of death.

I wrote and scanned from this story using the reprint from the paperback Conan the Barbarian Vol.1 (ISBN 0441116922). Hopefully it didn't omit anything.

by Prime Eternal

Olav should not be confused with:

The Aesir of the Hyborian era are the countrymen of the realm of Aesgaard, which is a nation north of Cimmeria.
The name is clearly derived from the name used for the Norse/Asgardian Gods, but they are not directly connected to them:
In the MU, there is also:

Images taken from:
Conan the Barbarian Vol.1, page 13, panel 3

Conan the Barbarian#1 (October, 1970) - Roy Thomas (writer), Barry Windsor-Smith (penciler), Dan Adkins (inker), Stan Lee (editor)

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