David Munson in prison


Real Name: David George "Georgie" Munson

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Prisoner on death row and convicted criminal

Group Membership: Inmates at Deeden prison

AffiliationsFather Albert Vito, Human Torch (Storm) (posthumously)

Enemies: Morris Vance, Hammerhead (indirect)

Known Relatives: Mrs. Munson (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Deeden State Correctional Facility;

formerly New York;
formerly Glenville High School

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#233 (August, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: David Munson was a normal human, but aggressive and without morals, able to kill and steal without remorse.

Munson gets ready to rob


(Fantastic Four I#233 (fb)) - David "Georgie" Munson bullied Johnny Storm when he was in his junior year at Glenville High School before he became the Human Torch.

(Fantastic Four I#233 (fb) - BTS) - Years later, the mobster Hammerhead discovered that a liquor store owner was skimming laundered money from the Maggia and sent Morris Vance to kill him.

(Fantastic Four I#233 (fb)) - Vance fraudulently befriended Munson, choosing him at random, and told him of his apparent plan to rob the liquor store using a gun. Vance showed Munson the gun, resulting in Munson's fingerprints getting all over the weapon. Some time later, Munson attacked the store owner, knocked him out and stole the money, but his escape was seen by several witnesses. Vance later went to the store and shot the unconscious owner, killing him.

(Fantastic Four I#233 - BTS) - The police investigated the case, connecting the robbery with the murder as Munson's fingerprints were on the murder weapon. He was duly arrested and sentenced to death, then sent to Deeden prison. Later, the day before his execution, Munson wrote a letter to Johnny Storm asking him to clear his name for the crime he had been falsely convicted of.

(Fantastic Four I#233) - In his cell awaiting execution, David Munson spoke to Father Albert Vito, recognizing that he deserved to die for his past misdeeds, but yet was being killed for a murder that he did not actually commit. Munson asked Father Vito to deliver the letter to the Human Torch before he was escorted to the electric chair. His execution on May 20, 1981, was watched in the prison gallery by the shocked priest.

   Johnny Storm later stood by Munson's mother at his grave behind Deeden prison and explained to her how her son had been framed. However, she knew that he had committed many crimes.

Comments: Created by John Byrne (writer & artist).

The dates in the story are, as ever, topical.

As of February 8, 2008, the Death Penalty was authorized by 36 states in the USA.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

David Munson has no known connections to:

Deeden prison

Deeden State Correctional Facility

Deeden State Correctional Facility was a prison that was sanctioned to use the death penalty on all prisoners incarcerated there. Few people had heard of the place, sometimes nicknamed "Deadend", which had been likened to Alcatraz. No-one had escaped from the prison for 57 years.








--Fantastic Four I#233

Father Albert Vito

Father Albert Vito

Father Albert Vito, a Catholic priest, gave solace to David Munson before he was executed and agreed to deliver a letter from Munson to the Human Torch. He escorted Munson to the electric chair and was present at Munson's execution, but was horrified at the spectacle. 

   Arriving at the Baxter Building, he was met by the Invisible Girl and was startled by a somewhat friendly fight between the Torch and the Thing. He delivered the letter to Johnny Storm and was glad that he would attend to the matter in the letter.



--Fantastic Four I#233

Morris Vance

Morris Vance

.Morris Vance was a normal human who had been told by the mobster Hammerhead to kill the liquor store owner as he had skimmed money from funds being laundered by the Maggia. Vance "befriended" David Munson, letting him handle a gun that Vance would later kill the store owner with a short time after Munson had robbed the store. Vance's efforts to frame Munson led to Munson's arrest and conviction. He later took over liquor store and bricked up the window he had used to gain entry on the night of the killing. Johnny Storm later investigated the crime further, but was ordered out of the store by Vance. Later, Vance, in a panicked state, tried to ring Hammerhead for support but was stopped by the Human Torch and  restrained in a flaming cage. He was later arrested and charged by the police.


--Fantastic Four I#233

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Fantastic Four I#233 (August, 1981) - John Byrne (writer and art), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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