Real Name: Ikarys

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Inhuman) mutate

Occupation: Consul of Kon-Tur;
former Sentry of Attilan

Group Membership: Inhumans

AffiliationsArvak, Black Bolt

Enemies: Kree, Ronan the Accuser

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Kon-Tur, Kree Empire;
formerly Attilan

First Appearance: Inhumans IV#1 (June, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Since his Terrigenesis Ikarys possessed bird-like wings that gave him the ability of flight. He wore an instrument (looked like an Inhuman version of a tuba or French horn) around his neck to alarm the other Inhumans if Attilan was attacked.





(Inhumans IV#1) - Ikarys was Black Bolt's trusted guardian of Attilan. He flew over the city and reported to Arvak that there was no sight of any human menaces. Afterwards he resumed his watch over the city. Later that night Kree took over Attilan.

(Inhumans IV#4) - After Black Bolt had defeated Ronan several Inhumans came to him to tell him that they didn't want to return to Earth and that space was now their home. Ikarys was one of them. He stayed on the flying city Attilan in space while the Royal Family returned to Earth.

(Realm of Kings: Inhumans#1) - Ikarys accepted consulship of Kree world Kon-Tur when suddenly forces of Blastaar attacked the world. Inhumans led by Gorgon defeated them.







Comments: Created by Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin & Jose Ladronn.

Ikarys is obviously a play on Ikarus of Greek mythology fame.

Attilan eventually returned to Earth's moon.

Thanks to Cheetahbot for correcting me on the instrument.

There is a possible appearance of this character in Fantastic Four I#150. Before the wedding of Quicksilver and Crystal, 2 winged Inhumans (Heralds of the Great Refuge) took flight and using their great horns they flew around the city of Attilan and proclaimed the news of the event. In the story the 2 Inhumans were not named but they appeared to be twins and looked identical to Ikarys.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Ikarys should not be confused with:

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Inhumans IV#1, p4, pan1 (main image)

p6, pan3 (upper body)

Inhumans IV#1 (June, 2000) - Carlos Pacheco & Rafael Marin (writers), Jose Ladronn (artist), Mark Powers (editor)
Inhumans IV#4 (October, 2000) - Carlos Pacheco & Rafael Marin (writers), Jorge Pereira Lucas (artist), Mark Powers (editor)
Realm of Kings: Inhumans#1 (January, 2010) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Pablo Raimondi (pencils), Andrew Hennessy (inks), Bill Rosemann (editor)

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