Real Name: Ghannif

Identity/Class: Human royalty (Hyborian Era)

Occupation: King of Pah-Dishah

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: People of Pah-Dishah (subjects), Trolus (bodyguard)

Enemies: Red Sonja

Known Relatives: Melissandra (daughter), King Eannatum of Makkalet (son-in-law)

Aliases: Chosen of Tarim

Base of Operations: Formerly the castle of Pah-Dishah

First Appearance: (Named only) Conan the Barbarian I#24 (March, 1973);
    (seen) Savage Sword of Conan#1 (August, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Ghannif was a little fat man, used to being pampered and to having others do his battles for him. He carried a small dagger for ceremonial purposes.

(Savage Sword of Conan#1/3 - BTS) - The King of Pah-Dishah, Ghannif was also considered the blessed of Tarim, the human incarnation of a god, who was an agent of Erlik, worshipped by Turanians and Hyrkanians, and the patron god of Yezdigerd of Turan.

(Savage Sword of Conan#1/3 - BTS) - Ghannif came to trust his bodyguard Trolus,

(Savage Sword of Conan#1/3 (fb) / Conan the Barbarian I#24 (fb) - BTS) - Via an apparent clerical error, the Serpent-Tiara was part of the dowry given to King Eannatum of Makkalet when he married Melissandra, daughter of King Ghannif of Pah-Dishah, Makkalet's sister state.

(Savage Sword of Conan#1/3 (fb)  / Conan the Barbarian I#24 (fb) - BTS) - King Ghannif employed the mercenary Red Sonja, instructing her to travel to Makkalet alongside a number of soldiers. Pretending to be honoring Pah-Dishah's commitment to Makkalet against the Turanian hordes besieging her, she was actually to reclaim the Serpent-Tiara for him.

(Savage Sword of Conan#1/3 (fb)) - King Ghannif told Sonja that if she succeeded she would have the most precious gift within his kingly power to bestow.

(Conan the Barbarian I#24 (fb) - BTS) - King Ghannif cautioned Sonja that before touching the Tiara she must speak the words "Ka Nama Kaa Lajerama."

(Conan the Barbarian I#24) - Red Sonja led Conan into the royal palace of Makkalet. They split up, and Sonja located the Tiara; entranced by its life-like beauty, she grabbed the Tiara and prepared to abscond with it, forgetting to first speak the words she had been told. The Tiara then came to life, transforming into a monstrous golden serpent. Sonja recalled the words and voiced them to no avail at that point. Conan and Sonja eventually slew the beast, which then turned back into the Tiara. Speaking, "Ka Nama Kaa Lajerama," Sonja reclaimed the Tiara and she and Conan fled the castle, though Sonja then abandoned him, taking the Tiara with her.

(Savage Sword of Conan#1/3) - Sonja returned to Pah-Dishah, gave the Serpent-Tiara to Ghannif, and demanded her reward. Ghannif revealed that the reward was himself. His guards captured Sonja by force and he then had his servant women bathe her and dress her appropriately; he also promised Trolus that he would eventually have visiting privileges with her, too.
    Despite her struggles, Sonja was eventually brought before Ghannif, and she feigned obedience. She tried to get Ghannif to send away Trolus, but Ghannif refused. Nonetheless, Sonja snuggled up next to Ghannif just long enough to snatch his ceremonial dagger. Pretending to not be afraid, Ghannif demanded she return it to its sheath lest she harm herself. Sonja sheathed the dagger in his neck, killing him. Trolus rushed to avenge him, but Sonja slew him as well.




Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Estaban Maroto, Neal Adams, and Ernie Chua

Profile by Snood.

No KNOWN connections to:

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    Bodyguard to Ghannif, the king of Pah-Dishah, he never left Ghannif's sight, and he was occasionally allowed to sample women Ghannif had acquired, after Ghannif had taken his share, of course. He was caught off guard when Sonja abruptly slew Ghannif, and he rushed after her to avenge him. Tripping Trolus to gain some distance, Sonja then stole a napping guard's sword, slew him, and turned to face Trolus. Admitting that he cared not a whit for Ghannif, but that he was enraged because Sonja had cost him the easy life he had under the king, Trolus fought fiercely, cursing Sonja for condemning him to poverty in old age. Sonja spared him the curse of long life with a fatal sword stroke to his mid-section.


    An albino, Trolus was a skilled warrior and swordsman, though no match for Red Sonja.


--Savage Sword of Conan#1/3









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