Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human cyborg weapon user; citizen of Russia

Occupation: Vigilante/terrorist, would-be hero

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Magdalena, Soldier X (Nathan Summers (Cable));

loosely: Armenian mobsters led by Papken Gharamanukian

Enemies: Armenian mobsters, crowd of pilgrims waiting for Magdalena in Krasnaya Polyana

formerly: Soldier X (Nathan Summers (Cable))

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in Russia, especially village of Krasnaya Polyana

First Appearance: Soldier X#3 (November, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Geo was a very short (less than 5') normal human who had a strong mechanical right arm that was longer than his left arm and which he used for most of his attacks in a fight. This mechanical arm was Russian army surplus from the 1970s. His strength (with his right arm) was in the enhanced range. His durability and stamina seemed to be in the athlete range. He knew how to handle explosives and carried several handguns. Geo was also a savage brawler. He had blond hair and blue eyes but was missing several teeth, and liked to wear what looked like welding goggles. He had a somewhat flippant yet slightly disturbed and aggressive attitude to people around him and his surroundings.

Geo smiles at Soldier X


(Soldier X#4 (fb) - BTS) - Geo bombed 15 McDonalds outlets in Russia as well as Benetton stores and an O'Reilly restaurant out of a misguided effort to fight complacency and westernization, as well as to restore some semblance of equality. The body count is unknown. He received little recognition for his perverse efforts yet was considered the prime suspect for the Armenian mobsters killed by Soldier X as both of them had metal arms. He then set out to hunt down Summers.

(Soldier X#3) - Geo confronted and punched down Soldier X as he was carrying Magdalena out of a church and away from a queue waiting to be healed, declaring that he was not happy with Summer's interventions. The punch was hard enough to briefly knock out Summers.

(Soldier X#4) - Soldier X recovered quickly but was punched away a second time by Geo. Again Geo struck with his metal arm but was this time blocked by Summers who then increased the vibration of atoms in the mechanical arm, heating it up. Geo feigned repentance and again knocked Summers back. This time, Soldier X grabbed and cracked Geo's metal arm until Gharamanukian turned up with his gang. The mob leader realized that it was Summers responsible for the deaths of his cohorts. Geo punched Gharamanukian for calling him a loser and threatened to break his neck. Gharamanukian's gang still attacked but missed, their atrocious aim allowed the dimunitive vigilante to escape. When Soldier X retreated with the wounded girl Magdalena in a truck, Geo helped push start the truck and clambered aboard as it trundled away.

Geo defends Soldier X

(Soldier X#5) - The group drove to the Saint Lenin sanctuary, which was an abandoned factory, but the pilgrims seeking to be healed followed as did the Armenian gangsters. Inside, Geo derided Summers and tried to brawl with him but Soldier X pushed him back and wrapped the small would-be hero in iron girders. They both heard the screams of Magdalena's mother from the brutal torturing of the mob and Soldier X went investigate. Geo broke free but was disabled when Summers telekinetically dismantled his metal arm. As Summers confronted the crowd, Geo cheered from the sidelines as he quickly rebuilt his arm.

(Soldier X#6) - Soldier X sought to carry away Magdalena's mother but was attacked by the mobsters and the selfish pilgrims. However, Geo, his mechanical arm repaired, stepped in to defend Summers but was overwhelmed and ripped apart by the violent crowd, who left only his metal arm behind. Later this arm was displayed in the church like a holy relic.

Comments: Created by Darko Macan (writer) and Igor Kordey (pencils and inks).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Geo has no known connections to:

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Soldier X#4, cover (main image)
Soldier X#5, p14, panel 3 (smiling)
Soldier X#6, p11, panel 3 (defiant)

Soldier X#3-6 (November, 2002-February, 2003) - Darko Macan (writer), Igor Kordey (pencils and inks), Andrew Lis (editor)

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