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Type: Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humans, Rigellian constructs

Significant Inhabitants: The Living Recorder, numerous unidentified humans

First Appearance: What If? II#10 (February, 1990)

History:  (What If? II#10/2) - When a punk fan of the Dead Milkmen band tried to play one of their tapes, his stereo messed up and he angrily stomped it into the ground. Noticing a nearby Rigellian Recorder, he picked up the construct and began listening to the tape from inside the Recorder. He then carried the Recorder down the street, announcing that he was paying the Recorder $5 an hour to listen to music.

Comments: Created by Gary Fields, Rodney Ramos, and Tim Dzon.

The divergent point of this reality occurred at the point that the Recorder began accepting money for people to listen to music from his mechanical body.

"It's a living" is a Flintstones reference, for those who don't get it. --Prime Eternal

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-The Living Recorder Had to Find Work on Earth has no known connections to

What If? II#10, p29, pan7 (The Living Recorder Acting as a Stereo, main pic)

Other Appearances:
What If? II#10 (February, 1990) - "What If...the Living Recorder Had to Find Work on Earth" story - Gary Fields (writer), Rodney Ramos (artist), Tim Dzon (inker)

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