Cajun Creed attacks


Real Name: Unrevealed, probably Cajun Creed

Identity/Class: Enhanced human weapon user (possible mutant)

Occupation: Criminal and drug dealer

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsIsabelle Kristel

Enemies: Moon Knight, Frenchie, Angler

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

First Appearance: Moon Knight I#11 (September, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Cajun Creed possessed a form of enhanced strength and durability. He was able to lift above his head four adult women in a military press. He also stated that he could lift four more, making him able to lift - at most - a ton. He did not display any real fighting skills and relied on his strength to overpower his opponents. He was skilled in lethally using an ice pick and carried one with him at all times. He did not show any other powers.

Cajun Creed shows his strength


(Moon Knight I#11 - BTS) - Cajun Creed was considered a local legend in New Orleans and ran a small drug-trafficking operation that distributed cocaine from Europe to all over the USA. He hired Isabelle Kristel, a woman from France, to assist him in procuring European contacts and clients. Unknown to him, she was actually a French operative who had been sent to infiltrate his operations and shut him down.

(Moon Knight I#11) - Isabelle took off with his coke and $250,000 and fled to New York which forced him to track her down. Some time later, Cajun Creed met with a New York client under a pier in New York to discuss business and help in finding Isabelle. During the drug deal, Moon Knight who was interested in capturing Cajun Creed’s contact for his involvement in various New York drug related crimes. Not interested in Cajun Creed, Moon Knight underestimated him and was attacked from behind. Using his greater strength, he knocked Moon Knight into the nearby water and quickly made his escape in a nearby car.

(Moon Knight I#11 - BTS) - After discovering Isabelle's whereabouts, Cajun Creed held her captive for five days and stabbed her to death with an ice pick when he learnt what she had done to his missing cocaine and money. He made his way back to New Orleans to attend to his business after dumping her body in the New York Westside.

(Moon Knight I#11) - Two weeks later during Mardi Gras on "Fat Tuesday", Cajun Creed showed off his strength by lifting four bikini-clad women over his head and claimed that he could lift even more. Moon Knight and Frenchie, who were looking for him to do a little payback for the murder of Isabelle, arrived and he quickly fought them off and escaped, leaving the two to deal with a number of angry bystanders who had joined in the brawl.

Cajun Creed battles Moon Knight

  Escaping to a nearby warehouse alongside one of his flunkies, Frenchie was shot in the arm. Moon Knight then busted into the building and disarmed both Cajun Creed and his associate, and stopped the murderer from stabbing Frenchie with an ice pick. After a brief fight, Moon Knight managed to hit him in the face hard enough to break his jaw and he surrendered. Frenchie made his way to his feet, walked over to Cajun Creed and knocked him out with a vicious right hook. Presumably, he was taken away to jail soon after.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench (writer) and Bill Sienkiewicz (pencils & inks).

Profile by AvatarWarlord72.

Cajun Creed has no known connections to:

Isabelle Kristel

Isabelle Kristel

Isabelle Kristel was a French agent and a former love interest of Marc Spector's (Moon Knight) friend Frenchie and left him after their relationship became too intense. She was later sent to America to infiltrate Cajun Creed’s drug empire to shut his operations down. Acting as his associate, Isabelle fled with a shipment of cocaine and $250,000 and made her way to New York City. She dumped the drugs into the ocean and showed up at the Spector estate before saying her final farewells to Frenchie and giving him a sealed box containing the stolen money. Before leaving, she instructed Frenchie to open it if she did not return in 10 days. She was captured by the angry Cajun Creed who held her captive for five days to force her to reveal what had become of his money and drugs. She was viciously stabbed to death by him with an ice pick. Her death was soon avenged by Moon Knight and Frenchie who tracked him down in New Orleans, capturing him for the authorities. Isabelle was later buried in France and her grave site was attended by Frenchie and Marc Spector.

--Moon Knight I#11

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Moon Knight I#11, p15, panel 2 (main image)

p13, panel 3 (show of strength)
p2, panel 5 (vs. Moon Knight)
p6, panel 1 (Isabelle)

Moon Knight I#11 (September, 1981) - Doug Moench (writer), Bill Sienkiewicz (pencils & inks), Denny O’Neil (editor)

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