Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human advanced technology user

Occupation: Terrorist, scientist, warrior

Group Membership: Hydra

Affiliations: His agents;
    formerly Baron Strucker, Daniel Braniff, George Leon, the Whale;
    allied with Wolverine under false pretenses in hunting down the Whale

Enemies: The Whale, Wolverine

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Mr. Big

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Wolverine: Inner Fury (November, 1992)







Powers/Abilities: Big was apparently a scientist of some sort, able to understand the Whales nanotech designs. He was a fierce fighter, using a shotgun (or rifle of some sort) and a large chainsaw. He was fast enough to avoid simultaneous attacks from multiple sources.

    He could fly via some sort of personal rocket craft, which had a powerful "headlight" and a pair of servo arms (Wolverine is sitting in the back of the craft).

    He wore a monocle, but may only have done so for appearances.

Height: 3'6"?
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: White (no visible iris), with pinpoint pupils
Hair: Dark Brown











(Wolverine: Inner Fury (fb) - BTS) - Big was partnered with the Whale as leaders of a Hydra project to develop nanotechnology to use as a weapon.

(Terror Inc#10 (fb) - BTS) - The nanotech project was overseen by another Hydra agent, Braniff.

(Wolverine: Inner Fury) - After the Whale went rogue and escaped with his nanotech, Big arrived to investigate, meeting with agent Leon. When Leon threatened to inform Baron Strucker that Big was responsible for the Whale's actions, Big shot and killed Leon; the other agents swiftly saw the folly in opposing Big.
    Big planned to regain the nanotech and punish the Whale for his betrayal.

(Wolverine: Inner Fury (fb) - BTS) - Big obtained a prototype nanotech virus from the Whale's reject pile.

(Wolverine: Inner Fury) - Sent to investigate Hydra's activities by Nick Fury, Wolverine battled cyborg Hydra agents Foster and at least 4 others, who injected him with the nanotech virus before being turned into scrap by Wolverine. Posing as a mercenary hired to wreak vengeance on Hydra by some of their victims, Big then introduced himself to Wolverine before departing again, noting that his targets were now deceased.
    Later that night, as the nanotech began to cause Wolverine's body to extrude the Adamantium from his body, Big confronted him again at a bar. Big told Wolverine about Hydra and the Whale's nanotech plot, claiming that his clients wanted the Whale taken down as well, as their relations had been the Whale's earliest victims. Big further informed Wolverine that he had been infected by the nanotech, which was the cause of the Adamantium extrusions as well as a major decrease in his healing factor (which was being exhausted by its constant efforts against the Adamantium). Big claimed he had learned all this from examining the sword that had infected Wolverine, and that they could get the cure from the Whale.
    Big led Wolverine to another Hydra facility, the one that had constructed the sword with the nanotech injector, and the two leveled the facility. Wolverine sensed something familiar in the Whale's lab, but left it behind in the interest of tracking down the Whale with utmost haste. Via his rocket pod, Big flew Wolverine to follow the Whale trail at various stores where he'd obtained clothing, goldfish, and a used car. The two rested for the night (Wolverine was exhausted from his body's changes), and the next day they located and captured the Whale. As they entered the Whale's new laboratory, Wolverine realized the previous connection b/t Big and the Whale, at which point Big smashed the Whale into submission and then attacked Wolverine. The mutant sliced off one of Big's rocket pod's servo arms and then destroyed the pod altogether (the explosion of which took out two of Big's cyborg operatives), but Wolverine's already weakened form continued to take hits in the various explosions. Big then attacked Wolverine with a chain saw and revealed that there was no cure for the virus, save death. His body failing, Wolverine shoved his claws into his own brain, which essentially rebooted his nervous system and his healing factor as it regenerated, allowing the healing factor to focus on the real problem, the nanotech virus.
    Assuming Wolverine had killed himself, Big decided to dispose of his body so that Wolverine's teammates wouldn't link him to the death and seek vengeance. As the chainsaw scraped against Wolverine's re-Adamantiumized shoulder, it broke apart, and the kickback hurled him against a hanging hook, which pierced his chest, apparently killing him. Recovering, Wolverine took the Whale and departed, warning approaching Hydra cyborgs not to try to stop him.

(Terror Inc#9-10 - BTS) - Seeking to redeem himself after the Big/Whale disaster, Maximillian Braniff tried to get in good with his bosses by framing Wolverine for murder.

Comments: Created by D.G. Chichester and Bill Sienkiewicz.

    When the Whale's partner first appeared, all that could be seen was the shadow, which appeared to be a voluptuous woman, and no name was given. It was later shown that this was the shadow of Big inside his cockamamie rocket pod (at the bottom left of the picture), but you didn't know until the end that Big was the Whale's partner.

    Big, and those around him, were frequently making comments associated with size, while dialogue involving the Whale was loaded with marine life references, mostly fish.

    Though fierce and feisty, I'm not sure that Big was really that tough of a customer. He did most of his fighting from his rocket craft, and the only reason he gave Wolverine a hard time is because Wolverine was already near death from his immune system forcing the Adamantium out through his skin.

Profile by Snood.

No KNOWN connections to:

Big's agents


    Intended to lure out Wolverine and infect him with the nanotech virus to see how it worked against his immune system, they did so and were apparently all slain in the process. The last one of them was shot through the head by Big himself as part of his plot to make himself appear as an ally to Wolverine.


    They looked like robots, but at least one of them had a human name, Foster. I think they were cyborgs. They wielded swords able to deliver a nanotech virus if they had the chance to contact the sword with his Adamantium-laced bones. Foster actually slashed Wolverine with his first swing, but missed the bone was was then thrown out a window.


--Wolverine: Inner Fury












images: (without ads)
Wolverine: Inner Fury, p10 (cyborg agent)
        p16, panel 2 (full body)
        p20, panel 1 (face close-up)
        p26, panel 2 (rocket pod)
        p41, panel 3 (shadow)

Wolverine: Inner Fury (November, 1992) - D.G. Chichester (writer), Bill Sienkiewicz (artist), Suzanne Gaffney (editor)
Terror Inc#10 (April, 1993)

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