Gil Ruiz murdered in his elementGIL RUIZ

Real Name: Gil Ruiz

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Ultraverse) human mutate

Occupation: Mountain climber

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Mosely, Rafferty

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unspecified mountains

First Appearance: Firearm#12 (August, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Gil Ruiz had the ultra ability to scale a mountain using his bare hands and feet, giving his hands and feet enhanced human-level durability; otherwise he had athlete-level durability. His focus on mountain-climbing indicate that his strength, stamina, durability and reflexes would've been at athlete levels, although his hands and feet method of climbing suggest peak agility.

(Firearm#16 (fb) BTS) - Undertaking a huge sweep of the U.S.A., over 300 ultras were pinpointed for Mosely and marked for death, including Gil Ruiz. Hired by Mosely, Rafferty began formulating plans to kill these ultras, starting with the lesser ones first to hone his ultra-killing skills.

(Firearm#12 (fb) BTS) - Scaling a mountain solo in his usual trademark fashion of bare arms and bare feet, Gil Ruiz was met at the top by Rafferty. Given the wounds, it appeared that Rafferty savagely beat and stabbed Gil Ruiz to death.

(Firearm#12) - Gil Ruiz's body lay dead, broken and bleeding. Given the unnatural way that he lay atop the mountain, it appeared that his lower back had been snapped and partially impaled upon the mountain's rocky peak.

Comments: Created by James Robinson (writer), Ben Herrera (penciler) & Mike Christian (inker).

Firearm#12 was the Prologue to the 6-part "Rafferty Saga" in Firearm, which spilled over into several other Ultraverse titles. This issue was really Rafferty's, with the murder of each minor ultra character shown in one large page. None died in battle, but were stalked and killed, usually with something to do with their ultra power.

Profile by Grendel Prime

Gil Ruiz has no known connection to:

Firearm#12, p20

Firearm#12 (August, 1994) - James Robinson (writer), Ben Herrera (pencils), Mike Christian (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)

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