Miri in chainsMIRI

Real Name: Miri

Identity/Class: Water Nymph (Hyborian Era)

Occupation: Charming men and wrecking their ships

Group Membership: Corsairs on the Kushite coast

Affiliations: Conan of Cimmeria

Enemies: Kezan Val

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Sea of the Kushite coast, possibly the Western Sea in the Hyborian Era

First Appearance: Conan the Barbarian#186 (September, 1986)
{Edizione Italiana: Conan il Barbaro#71 Marvel Italia (inverno 1996)}

Powers/Abilities: Miri has the abilities of a Water Nymph. She has a light blue skin, and white hairs. Her natural environment is the sea, but she can also live on the surface and breathe air. She also speaks the common language of the Hyborian Era. Her voice (or song) captures the minds of men, driving them to madness and their ships to the source of the song (Conan and some sailors said she was a siren). If she is bound with silver chains she has to obey to her capturer.

Miri meets ConanHistory:
(Conan the Barbarian#186 (fb) - BTS) - Miri was captured by Kezan Val, a captain corsair, who bound her with a silver chain. Only an intrepid man, without fear, could break the chain. Kezan Val promised to free her only if she wreck 20 ships, so she did.

(Conan the Barbarian#186) - During a stormy night, Miri used her chant to attract a Zingaran merchant ship on the rocks of the Kushite coast. The ship wrecked.

The morning after, Miri found Conan the Cimmerian and other survivors on the beach and asked Kezan Val to be freed, but he refused. The survivors were imprisoned to be sold as slaves by Kezan Val and his corsairs.
    Later, Miri went to Conan, hoping he was the intrepid man she needed. They made a pact. Miri freed Conan.

Conan, after having defeated Kezan Val in duel, freed Miri from her chains. She left and went back home, to the sea.

The day after, during a storm on the Kushite coast, Miri saw the Argossean float pursuing a corsair ship which Conan was leading. The Argossean King's ships were near, so Miri sang her chant and drove the Argosseans to crash their ships onto the rocks, saving Conan and his Crimson Brotherhood and paying her debt of freedom.




Comments: Created by Don Kraar, Mike Docherty and Dave Simons.

    I don't know whether Miri would be of Olympian or other godly origin, or perhaps Inhuman or some other subspecies, or something else altogether.

Profile by Spidermay


Miri has no known connections to

Conan the Barbarian#186, page 14, panel 1
Conan the Barbarian#186, page 8, panels 3/4

Other appearances: None

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