Real Name: Seiji Honda

Identity/Class: Human mutant (Japanese)

Occupation: None

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsIkeda Honda

EnemiesNoboru Honda

Known Relatives: Ikeda (mother), Noboru (step-father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An apartment in Chiba, Japan

First Appearance: Muties#2 (May, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: He possessed the ability to animate lifeless objects like toys. He was possibly mentally handicapped or just mute.

(Muties#2) - Although his mother had forbidden him to play with his powers, Seiji often did it. She saw it when she came home from work and told him to never do it again. The same day Seiji tried to stop his step-father from hitting his mother, but Noboru just pushed him away. From his room Seiji heard how Noboru beat up his mother. Seiji used his powers again to play. The next day Seiji watched TV and when Noboru woke up he left, but Noboru stopped him and threatened to kill Seiji if he interfered again while Ikeda was disciplined by him. Seiji went to his room and played again by animating his toys. Noboru heard it and sneaked up to the room to look what Seiji was doing. He saw Seiji using his mutant power and was surprised. When Ikeda came home Seiji heard that Noboru found out about his powers and that he planned to hand Seiji over to the government. Ikeda tried to stop Noboru and Seiji bit him when Noboru attacked her again. Now Noboru was mad, but Seiji used his power to animate all his toys and sent them against Noboru. Seiji didn't stop until both were on their apartment's balcony. Seiji fell over the railing followed by Noboru and they fell down several floors until they hit the street. Seiji surprisingly survived the fall, but it crippled him. Ikeda visited Seiji in the hospital and brought him his favorite toy. When she was gone Seiji animated the toy with his powers.

Comments: Created by Karl Bollers, Patrick Spaziante, Danny Miki, Victor Olazaba, Crime Lab Studios

Profile by Markus Raymond

Seiji, Ikeda & Noboru Honda have no known connection to:

Ikeda Honda

She was Seiji's mother. Unlike her husband she had a job. She forbade him to use his mutant ability because she was afraid that Seiji would be taken away if somebody found out about his abilities. She was abused by her second husband Noboru and tried to stop him from calling the government when he found out about Seiji's powers. After her husband died in a fight with Seiji she was told that Seiji would be paralyzed for the rest of his life.



Noboru Honda

He was Seiji's step-father. He took in Seiji and Ikeda seemingly after Seiji's real father died. He was unemployed, lazy and fat and abused his wife Ikeda for the slightest mistakes and hated Seiji. By coincidence he saw Seiji using his powers and wanted to hand him over to the government because they were paying for mutants. A fight broke out when Ikeda tried to stop him and Seiji came to her aid. He used his powers against Noboru, who followed him to the balcony from which Noboru fell to his death.



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