Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Unknown; possibly Deviant mutate

Occupation: Sea monster

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Collin Gibbons

Enemies: Rory Moriarty

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Open waters off unidentified coast

First Appearance: Giant-Size Chillers II#1/2 (February, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: The Gravesend Gorgon is a large, monstrous being with at least four tentacles, a human-like face, and the body of a manta ray.

History: (Giant-Size Chillers II#1/2 (fb)) - The Gravesend Gorgon attacked the ship Sussex, killing almost all on board. The soul survivor was Collin Gibbons.

(Giant-Size Chillers II#1/2 (fb)-BTS) - Gibbons made a deal with the Gorgon to let him live in return for him bringing it more victims.

(Giant-Size Chillers II#1/2) - Gibbons told his story of the Gorgon (excluding the deal part) to a group of fellow seamen at a bar. One, Rory Moriarty, refused to believe it, thinking Gibbons was using the story to hoard the valuable shipments on the Sussex. He forced Gibbons to take him out to the area of sea where the Sussex was. After the two finished transferring the valuable cargo to Rory's ship, Moriarty tried to kill Gibbons, but the Gravesend Gorgon grabbed the would-be murderer instead, and killed him.

Comments: Created by Carl Wessler and Alfredo Alcala.

Profile by Madison Carter


The Gravesend Gorgon has no known connections to

Collin Gibbons

Gibbons worked aboard the Sussex, which was attacked by the Gravesend Gorgon. He managed to save his life by making a deal with the creature. In return for sparing him, he would lure others to the creature. When Rory Moriarty demanded that Gibbons take him to the ship to recover its treasures, Gibbons complied. When Moriarty tried to kill him, the Gorgon grabbed and killed Moriarty.






--Giant-Size Chillers II#1/2 ( 1/2 (fb), 1/2

Rory Moriarty

Moriarty heard Gibbons describe the Gravesend Gorgon's attack on his ship, but did not believe him. He forced Gibbons to take him to the boat, but was killed by the monster.

--Giant-Size Chillers II#1/2

Giant-Size Chillers II#2, page 7, panel 5 (Gravesend Gorgon)
                                          page 4, panel 3 (Gibbons/Moriarty)

Giant-Size Chillers II#1 (February, 1975) - Carl Wessler (writer), Alfredo Alcala (artist)

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