Type: Alternate Earth

Environment: Essentially Earth-like

Usual means of access: Vibrational attunement, Short Circuit

Dominant Life Form: Vampires

Prominent Residents: Blade, Hannibal King

First Appearance: Nighstalkers#13 (November, 1993)

History: (Nightstalkers#13 (fb) - BTS) - On this world, at some point vampires rose up and overthrew humanity, until there were seemingly no humans left on Earth, forcing the vampires to turn on each other. Hannibal King became the ruler of the vampires in Manhattan, and had been responsible for killing his one-time comrade Blade, choosing to see him die rather than create a potential rival by making him a vampire.

(Nightstalkers#12 - BTS) - While battling the supernatural foe Short Circuit on Earth-616, that world's Hannibal King was flung through a portal into another world.

(Nightstalkers#13) - The King of Earth-616 encountered local vampires who mistook him for their master, but quickly realized their mistake and attacked him. King slew them both, but they were followed by dozens of other vampires, who overwhelmed King. King was then confronted by the Hannibal King native to this reality, but saw nothing of himself in the 616 King, and turned him over to his followers to kill.

Blade came through a portal of Short Circuit's to rescue King, and fought his way through the native King's guards. The native King recognized Blade, and decided that he would turn this Blade into a vampire to serve him, and hypnotized him so that he could not resist, but the King of Earth-616 was less susceptible to hypnosis, and kicked Blade into his other self. The wooden stake that Blade had been holding was rammed into the native King's heart, destroying him.

Blade and King ran from the vampiric army to return to Earth-616, and reached the portal thanks to Frank Drake, who forced Short Circuit to open it from the other side. As they returned to Earth-616, a few vampires followed them, but when Drake shut off Short Circuit's powers by turning off the power of the prison he was thriving on, Short Circuit was destroyed, and the vampires were pulled into the vortex caused by his death.

Comments: Created by Steven Grant, Kirk Van Wormer and Bill Anderson.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Nightstalkers#13, page 13, panel 3

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