Real Name: Gennady Dmitrievich Gavrilov

Identity/Class: Human (Russian), technology user

Occupation: Student, maintenance worker; former courier

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: CajunAngel17, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Wayne Jennings

Enemies: Alexandre Devereaux

Known Relatives: Anna (mother), Dmitri (father), Stepan (stepfather), Nelli (stepsister)

Aliases: Gyena, Kulakh42, Iron Gennady, "Trouble Magnet;" Crimson Dynamo roughly translates into Russian as "Krashni Denamit"

Base of Operations: Moscow, Russia

First Appearance: Crimson Dynamo#1 (October, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: The Mark II Crimson Dynamo armor grants Gennady superhuman strength, and generates electromagnetic energy. It can travel on rail tracks using magnetic locks. It can be controlled by Gennady using the helmet, and can lock on to the helmet using a homing signal. When the helmet is absent, it can generate a field around its exposed neck to prevent water from entering.

Height: 5'9"; (Dynamo Mark II) 8'
Weight: 137 lbs.; (Dynamo Mark II) 1130 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

History: (Crimson Dynamo#1 (fb)) - When Gennady was three years old, most of his toys went missing, apparently sold by his mother for money. He developed a lifelong habit of hiding toys to keep them safe. Because Gennady tested well he grew up to attend a special school in Russia, but was constantly in trouble for petty theft such as stealing batteries. He was given a vocational training job at Moscow State University, ferrying boxes of files back and forth from warehouses. He related the tedium of his life to an internet user in America nicknamed "CajunAngel17."

(Crimson Dynamo#1) - One day, Gennady accidentally uncovered a box containing a helmet formerly owned by Anton Vanko. Although Gennady did not realize it, it was the helmet that would control the Mark II Crimson Dynamo armor, hidden away by Vanko years ago. Gennady used the helmet while riding his scooter at first, but gradually began to study it, inadvertantly activating the armor from storage. When Gennady happened upon a feed of the armor facing the Russian military, he mistakenly believed that he had found a video game.

(Crimson Dynamo#2) - Gennady lost a lot of sleep playing his "game," with the armor going dormant when he would turn it off. During one session, he came into contact with Alexandre Devereaux, a French spy who wanted the armor for himself, but Gennady believed him to be just a villain in the "game." When he had the armor leap into the coal car of a train, the helmet suddenly shut down. The next day, he saw a newspaper mentioning the armor's actions in Siberia and realized that it wasn't a game.

(Crimson Dynamo#3) - Gennady was contacted by Devereaux through the helmet, who informed him that the armor's homing signal had been activated, and the armor was now heading its way towards the helmet. Gennady tried to take control of the armor as it was attacked by the Russian military, and used it to save inspector Wayne Jennings, who was on the scene. He sent the armor into the Volga river in the hopes of warding off further violence. Later, CajunAngel17 suggested to Gennady that he check with Moscow State University to see if anything of Vanko's was still at his office. When he arrived there, he unknowingly entered an elevator with Devereaux, also come for Vanko's notes.

(Crimson Dynamo#4) - Gennady found Vanko's tapes, and swiped them with the intent of transferring them to floppy discs. Just then, he was contacted through the helmet by Wayne Jennings, who stood in front of the armor with a photo of Devereaux and a message in Russian saying "This man will kill you!" and an e-mail address: "" Gennady had CajunAngel17's brother help him establish a secure link to Jennings so that he could question him, and explained his situation to Jennings. Jennings promised to get him help. However, Devereaux's men discovered Gennady just as he finished his conversation.

(Crimson Dynamo#5) - Gennady managed to escape his captors by using the helmet to blast high volume music at them. He finally managed to study all of Vanko's files, and learned that the armor was building up an electromagnetic charge, and needed special gauntlets to prevent it from releasing its energy. Just then, Iron Man contacted Gennady through the helmet and offered to come and help as soon as possible. Gennady tried to leave Moscow in the hopes that the armor would follow him, but the helmet ran out of power, and needed a line-of-sight contact to reestablish itself.

(Crimson Dynamo#6) - Gennady met up with the armor, establishing contact, and entered the suit. However, the charge was continuing to build. Devereaux confronted the Crimson Dynamo just as Jennings arrived on the scene, and Devereaux shot Jennings in the shoulder. The Crimson Dynamo knocked Devereaux down, and Jennings gave Gennady the gauntlets that the Crimson Dynamo armor needed, completed by Vanko while he was in the U.S. Gennady successfully released the built-up energy and directed the military after Devereaux's men. The military attempted to lay claim to the armor, but Gennady called it his "little bit towards privatization." He then departed by using the armor's mag-lock to ride on railroad tracks.

A month later, Gennady kept the armor hidden in the basement of a furniture plant, adorned with a number of stickers. He thanked CajunAngel17 for all of her help, and called her beautiful.

Comments: Created by John Jackson Miller, Steve Ellis and Thomas Mason.

Gavrilov has a partial entry in the Crimson Dynamo entry in the All-New OHotMU Update#2.

by Prime Eternal

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Crimson Dynamo#5, cover
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Crimson Dynamo#1-2 (October-November, 2003) - John Jackson Miller (writer), Steve Ellis (artist), Stephanie Moore (editor)
Crimson Dynamo#3 (December, 2003) - John Jackson Miller (writer), Steve Ellis, Joe Corroney (artists), Mark McKenna (inker), Tom Brevoort (editor)
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