Real Name: Sedara Bakut

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (New Universe) human (Afghan), paranormal

Occupation: Freedom fighter

Group Membership: Mujahedin, Psi-Force

Affiliations: Lincoln Stryker

Enemies: Mr. Bakut

Known Relatives: Mr. Bakut (father, deceased), Mrs. Bakut (deceased), unnamed brother (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile
formerly, mobile within Afghanistan

First Appearance: Psi-Force#25 (November, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Sedara possesses the psionic ability to create aperatures in space. These portals have the appearance of a door which opens and closes, and allow Sedara to teleport anyone who steps through to any location she has been to before. Lindsey Falmon is able to help Sedara overcome this one handicap by using feedback from her own power to enable Sedara to experience places Lindsey has been.

History: (Psi-Force#25) <4/5/88> - Sedara was spoken to telepathically by Wayne Tucker as the Psi-Hawk was destroyed by Rodstvow over Washington D.C.

(Psi-Force#32) <5/13/89> - On a mission with the Mujahedin and American mercenary Lincoln Stryker to destroy a Soviet base that was sending supplies to Iran, Sedara's company was attacked by the Soviets, indicating that someone had betrayed them. Sedara teleported them back to camp. She returned to the base alone to destroy it, and encountered Psi-Force, recognizing Wayne Tucker from when the Psi-Hawk died. Psi-Force helped her destroy the base and she brought them back to her camp. She believed that Stryker was the traitor, but Tucker revealed that it was actually her own father. She killed her father for his treachery. Psi-Force invited Sedara to join them, and she accepted. They decided to take a vacation and let Sedara pick the location. She chose Switzerland, and Lindsey helped her open a portal there.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Graham Nolan and Mike Witherby.

Sedara's joining Psi-Force was previewed in a piece of art in Marvel Age Annual#4 by Ron Lim which depicted her in the team colors (although Lim drew her to be somewhat younger than how Graham Nolan ultimately depicted her).

by Prime Eternal

Sedara Bakut should not be confused with:


Mr. Bakut was Sedara's father, and betrayed the Mujahedin to the Soviets, thinking he was doing it to protect Sedara. When Sedara learned he was the traitor, she executed him.


Images taken from:
Psi-Force#32, page 27
Psi-Force#32, page 28, panel 6
Bakut- Psi-Force#32, page 21, panel 3

Psi-Force#32 (June, 1989)

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