Classification: Extraterrestrial race, non-humanoid

Location/Base of Operations: the planet Devon, presumptive in the Shi'ar Galaxy

Known Members: None by name

Affiliations: Gladiator (Kallark)

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#49/4 (1990)

Powers/Abilities: Xontar were shaped by the emotional state of those around them. A Xontar was shown as a giant squid-like being that could crush opponents with its tentacles or shoot powerful rays from its eyes. The same Xontar was later seen as a defenceless flower.

Traits: Totally dependent on the mood of those around them. They could be a murderous and aggressive race as well as peaceful beings.


(Marvel Comics Presents#49/4) - Angered by being forced to work for Majestrix Deathbird Gladiator flew through the galaxy and encountered a Xontar. Formed by Gladiator's rage the Xontar attacked him and each attempt of Gladiator to fight back was countered. Gladiator stopped to fighting back and realized that he couldn't win against the Xontar. The rage left him and the Xontar released Gladiator from its deadly grip. The Xontar transformed into a flower as this resembled more Gladiator's new consciousness.



Comments: Created by Len Kaminski, Don Heck & Vince Mielcarek.

These Xontar could easily be used for some cosmic beings evil schemes. Just lure your enemies to their home planet or lure them to your enemies and hope for the worst. Sure it would be a gamble, but a try is a try and if your enemies attack them they are screwed. And who wouldn't attack such an ugly beast? I wonder how they really look like!

Profile by Markus Raymond

Xontar have no known connection to:

Xontar battle form: Marvel Comics Presents#49, p29, pan2
Xontar flower form: Marvel Comics Presents#49, p32, pan7

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