Real Name: Sancha Etchison-Carlsberg

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal human (Earth-Astronet)

Occupation: Administrator and Colony Scout for Astronet

Group Membership: Astronet

Affiliations: Boromir “Borry” Coe, Gabriel Etchison, Nancy, The Quetzals, The Xenologist

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: Gabriel Etchison (cousin)


Base of Operations: Earth
(formerly) New Winchester

First Appearance: Wizard Presents Open Space#0 (1999)





Powers/Abilities:Sancha Etchison-Carlsberg possesses no abilities beyond those of a normal human being..




(Wizard Presents Open Space#0) – Sent to the planet New Winchester to do advance scouting for potential colonizers for the corporation Astronet, Sancha discovered a race of beings living there that she dubbed the Quetzals. She desperately tried to find proof of the aliens’ intelligence, she spent several days studying them, to no avail. Her cousin Gabriel, also an employee of Astronet arrived, chided Sancha for not taking appropriate actions sooner, and ordered the village of Quetzals to be nuked to make way for human development. Sancha looked on in horror as the bomb destroyed the alien race.




Comments: Created by Lawrence Watt-Evans and Alex Ross.

This story was meant to be included in Open Space#5, but the series was cancelled. Years later, after artist Alex Ross became very popular, Marvel allowed Wizard to publish it and include it with their Alex Ross Special publication.

The Quetzals were named as thus by Sanch due to their resemblance to the Earth god Quetzalcoatl.

Profile by Madison Carter.

SANCHA ETCHISON-CARLSBERG has no known connection to:



Boromir "Borry" Coe was a co-worker of Sancha's and tried to advice in her the dilemma concerning the Quetzals.



Gabriel Etchison was Sancha's cousin and her superior in Astronet. He arrived on New Winchester and ordered the Quetzal village to be nuked. Afterwards, he chided Sancha for not making the decision herself.



Nancy performed secretarial and communications work for Astronet. Sancha asked her to contact them regarding the Quetzal situation.



The Quetzals were an alien race that Sancha discovered on the potential colony dubbed New Winchester. She attempted to communicate with them, and though they displayed some odd form, she could not understand it. They had a village-style culture, and as they seemed to be no more than animals, their village was nuked to make way for human colonies.



The Xenologist attempted to help Sancha make contact with the Quetzals, but was unsuccesful.



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Wizard Presents Open Space#0 (1999)

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