RICK JONES (imposter)

Real Name: Unknown, perhaps legally changed to Rick Jones

Identity/Class: Human, no known powers

Occupation: Entertainer, previously unknown

Group Membership: None known

Affiliations: None known (claims affiliation with all super-heroes associated with the real Rick Jones)

Enemies: None known (claims association with all super-villains associated with the real Rick Jones)

Known Relatives: Jane Jones (wife)

Aliases: Rick Jones is an assumed alias, no others known

Base of Operations: New York, New York

First Appearance:
    (mentioned) Alias I#6 (April, 2002);
    (seen) Alias I#7 (May, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: None known. But Rick plays a mean guitar and can tell quite a lie.

History: (Alias I#9 (fb)) - A young man from the West Village of New York, New York read Sidekick by Rick Jones, an autobiography detailing Rick's history with various superheroes (including the Hulk, Captain Marvel, and the Avengers). The young man decided to pretend to be Rick, capitalizing on the real Rick's fame and luck with women. He began performing guitar solos at various clubs downtown, including Club Ultimate, and began picking up on the women in the clubs who thought he was Rick.

(Alias I#8 (fb)) - A girl named Jane met Rick at one of his shows. Rick fell in love with her and decided to marry her, despite knowing that she suffered from some sort of mental illness.

(Alias I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Rick left Jane without telling her where he was going. Whether he did this out of fear of the real Rick's enemies, or if he simply wanted time away, is unknown.

(Alias I#6 - BTS) - Jane Jones found Alias Investigations in the phone book and, seeing that it was run by Jessica Jones, went to her for help. Jane had decided in her own mind that Rick and Jessica must be related.

(Alias I#7) - Jane explained to Jessica that Rick had disappeared and that the Avengers refused to help her. She said that Rick was in incredible danger because of his involvement in the Kree-Skrull War. Jessica explained that they weren't related, but promised to look into it. Jessica read a copy of Sidekick while looking for Rick. Two kids in the park told her that Rick plays downtown at various clubs nightly (and sometimes in the park). Jessica tracked down Rick at Club Ultimate and heard him play, badly. After the show, Jessica confronted Rick and he acted aggressively, asking if she was a Kree or a Skrull.

(Alias I#8) - Jessica explained to Rick that she'd been hired by Jane. Rick said they were not related, and that Jane is mentally ill. He refused to go home because he didn't want to put Jane in danger, as his life as a celebrity attracted all of his enemies. Rick even believed that a bounty was on his head, from the Kree-Skrull War. Rick tried to run when Jessica was distracted, but she caught him. Jessica demanded to know why Rick played his guitar in public if all these enemies were after him, and he said he refused to give that up. Jessica convinced Rick to seek the Fantastic Four for help, as he refused to go to the Avengers.

(Alias I#9) - Rick and Jessica sat in a restaurant waiting for the Baxter Building to open. They discussed the Sidekick book. Jessica confessed how much she related to the book, and Rick looked extremely uncomfortable.

(Alias I#8) - Rick and Jessica had no success getting into the Baxter Building because they had no appointment and Roberta realized "Jones" was lying. When Jessica called the Avengers for help, Rick made a run for it.

(Alias I#9) - Jessica got a call from Edwin Jarvis, who reported that the real Rick Jones was safe in Los Angeles, and that this Rick Jones was an imposter who the Avengers considered harmless. Jessica found Rick and Jane Jones cuddling and playing guitar in the park. Jane thanked Jessica for her help, but Rick refused to talk about what happened.

Comments: Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos.

Profile by Chadman


The Rick Jones imposter, and Janis Jones, have no known connections to


Jane Jones was a native of New York, New York, who attended nightclubs. She met who she thought was the real Rick Jones at a club and they married. When Rick went missing, Jane sought out Jessica Jones, thinking she was a relative, and asked her to find Rick. Later, when Jane and Rick were reunited, Jane thanked Jessica for her help. Jane suffered from an unknown mental illness.

--Alias I#6, (7,9)

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Alias I#7-9 (May, 2002)

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