Real Name: Donnie Remming

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Student
formerly: Gang member

Group Membership: None
formerly: Pirates

Affiliations: Falcon (Sam Wilson)
formerly: Pirates

Enemies: Pirates
formerly: Falcon

Known RelativesHal Remming (father), Vicki Remming (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Harlem, New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#23/3 (early July, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: None


(Marvel Comics Presents#23/3) - Donnie tried to become a member of the Pirates, but the night he should've proven himself to them by breaking into a shop the Falcon appeared and stopped them. Donnie was caught by the Falcon who questioned him because he knew Donnie's parents. Donnie told him that his parents didn't care about him being a gang member, because they were too busy to get stoned. Donnie ran away and the next night he was with the Pirates again. He was selling drugs, but Falcon pushed Donnie's father to him and asked Donnie to sell drugs to him. Donnie couldn't do it and after he threw away his bandana he was done with the Pirates.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Dave Cockrum & Jim Sinclair.

Profile by Markus Raymond

The Remming family has no known connection to:

The Pirates have no known connection to:


They were a gang in Harlem that was responsible for selling drugs, vandalism, theft and other crimes. Falcon attacked them the night Donnie tried to become a full fledged member. Donnie got another chance and sold drugs with other Pirates at the corner of Lexington and 108th Street. The Pirates quietly walked away when Falcon arrived and Donnie left them.

--Marvel Comics Presents#23/3



Hal & Vicki Remming

They were Donnie's parents and were on crack. They were visited by Sam Wilson the day after he caught Donnie with the Pirates. He told them about Donnie's actions and accusations. They were shocked and lied to Sam Wilson. Vicki's suspicious behaviour made it possible for Sam to find their drugs, but the Remmings told him that these were Donnie's drugs. Sam threw them away and left. That night Hal and Vicki went out to buy drugs again from the Pirates. Falcon pulled Hal out of his car to Donnie who was selling drugs for the Pirates as well. Hal threw his drugs away, Vicki cried and the whole family left the place clean and without drugs.

--Marvel Comics Presents#23/3

Donnie Remming body shot: Marvel Comics Presents#23, p24, pan3
Donnie Remming shot: Marvel Comics Presents#23, p24, pan2
Pirates: Marvel Comics Presents#23, p17, pan1
Hal Remming head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#23, p24, pan1
Vicki Remming head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#23, p22, pan3

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