Real Name: ?? McAvey

Identity/Class: human; conventional weapons user

Occupation: Nightclub owner

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Constrictor (Frank Schlichting), Amy Schlichting, Mrs. Schlichting, George Stacy

Known Relatives: Amy Schlichting (possibly illegitimate daughter), Frank Schlichting (possibly illegitimate son) (see comments)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Nightmare (nightclub) in New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#74/3 (1990)

Powers/Abilities: None. He was a ruthless murderer who liked to beat up his children. His weapon of choice was a gun.



(Marvel Comics Presents#120/2 (fb) ) - Frank was beaten up by his father all the time. (see comments)

(Marvel Comics Presents#74/3 (fb) ) - McAvey killed his common-law wife and her daughter Amy while her son Frank hid in a cabinet. McAvey was arrested by George Stacy and other policemen. In court Frank was too scarred of McAvey and declared that he didn't see McAvey kill his mother and sister. McAvey was found innocent of all charges and left court as a free man.

(Marvel Comics Presents#74/3) - Years later McAvey returned to New York City and became the owner of a club called "The Nightmare". His former common-law wife's son was now known as Constrictor and when he heard that McAvey was back in town went to his club and attacked McAvey there. McAvey didn't get the chance to use his gun and at first he didn't know Constrictor's reason for the attack. Constrictor told him that he wanted his mother and sister back and the childhood McAvey stole him. McAvey was shocked when he saw Constrictor's face because it was Frank. He thought that Frank would kill him, but Constrictor didn't want to do it at that moment. He promised McAvey that he would kill him one day. McAvey lived from this moment on in fear of Constrictor who could come anytime to kill him.


Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Scott McDaniels & Randy Emberlin.

It is not clear if McAvey was the father (see right picture) Constrictor remembered in MCP#120. It could be that Mrs. Schlichting was once married to a Mr. Schlichting and that she left him with her son just to get into another abusive relationship with McAvey, but this contradicts Constrictor's own wishful thought in MCP#119 that his mother should've left his father with him. Sure is that she was not married to McAvey as she was called his common-law wife which means that they were just cohabitants. Frank and Amy could've still been McAvey's illegitimate children which could mean that he really was the father Frank remembered in MCP#120. In the end this seems like a mistake from the writer of the MCP#119-120 storyline with Constrictor, who just didn't read the story with McAvey.

Another possibility could be that Frank came after his mother's and sister's death to foster parents and that he remembered this father in MCP#120.

Profile by Markus Raymond

McAvey has no known connection to:

McAvey body shot: Marvel Comics Presents#74, p18, pan5
McAvey head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#74, p23, pan4
Frank's father head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#120, p15, pan2

Marvel Comics Presents#120 (January, 1993)

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